Introducing the Clean + Conscious Awards 2021 Expert Panel

Our awards celebrate products that work in perfect harmony with our bodies, our environment, and our society.

We are hugely grateful to our Expert Panel this year who play the vital role of hands-on testing and scoring products to help decide the winners of the Clean + Conscious Awards 2021.

Melissa Mai

Melissa has been teaching Yoga for 8 years and runs events to empower women to deepen their connection to their heart and to live their lives from this place. She is also a Mother of a baby girl named Grace. 

Sigourney Cantelo

One of Australia’s best-known and highly-respected beauty and health experts, Sigourney spent nearly 20 years working across digital, print and television. Her website, Beauticate, is one of the countries most popular beauty and lifestyle sites, with a readership of nearly 150,000 per month across all platforms. She and the team recently launched a sustainability section on the site, GO GREEN, which features clean and conscious brands alongside tips and tricks to living a more environmentally aware life. Prior to Beauticate, Sigourney was beauty and health director at Vogue Australia, Glamour, Body & Soul and New Woman. She is regularly called upon for comment in the media on shows such as Sunrise, A Current Affair, Nine News and Channel 10’s The Circle for whom she was resident beauty expert. On her site and popular social media channels, Sigourney creates honest, warm and beautifully-crafted how-to stories and videos, bringing authority and experience to the world of online beauty.

Lille Madden

Lille is a proud Arrernte, Bundjalung Kalkadoon woman from Gadigal Country in Sydney. Lille has worked across multiple fields in conservation from being a keeper at Taronga Conservation Society on the Australian Fauna Precinct to currently studying in Conservation and Land Management. She has also been a volunteer with Seed Indigneous Youth Climate Network for the past three years and is currently working with Groundswell Giving as their First Nations Director. Lille has a deep sense of responsibility and love for the protection and preservation of our natural and cultural heritage for a just and sustainable future.

Panaceas Pantry

Jade is a naturopath, recipe creator, food photographer and homeschooling mumma to 3 girls. She runs her plant based business, Panaceas pantry, via both her blog and Instagram where she shares her love for wholesome recipes that nourish, heal and celebrate. 

Stephanie Kurlow

Stephanie Kurlow is a ballet dancer from Sydney, Australia with Russian heritage. Stephanie became renowned through her quest to become the first professional hijab-wearing ballerina in the world. Stephanie has become a strong advocate of inclusion and diversity within the performing arts industry and continuously works towards the representation of diverse people. In 2019 Stephanie was a part of the Converse worldwide ‘Love the Progress’ campaign and has worked with brands like Nescafe, Koala and Michael Hill. For the past two years Stephanie has been working with The Wiggles as a dancer and performer in their TV and film work. She was also given the opportunity to be part of their Wiggles Big Show Australia tour as a dancer, performing in major arenas in almost every city with The Wiggles. In 2018 Stephanie received a scholarship to the prestigious Royal Danish Ballet Summer School and toured Europe solo at 16yrs of age. Last year during the COVID-19 lockdown, Misty Copeland asked Stephanie to be a part of her Swans For Relief campaign and video. Where 32 ballet dancers from 14 countries came together to perform The Dying Swan variation to raise money for their respective companies/organisations. Stephanie’s dream is to one day open her own performing arts academy and company that embraces people of different races, religions and backgrounds. She is now dedicating her time to perfecting her art form and hopes to join a professional ballet company in the near future.

Plastic Free Mermaid

Kathryn aka Plastic Free Mermaid hasn’t used single-use plastics in over a decade. She is an avid waterwoman, surfing, sailing, free-diving as much as she can to balance the plastic pollution activism she’s devoted her life to. She is author of “I Quit Plastics,” an introductory guide to environmental ethics, reducing plastics in every day use, and simple recipes to learn to make your own bath, beauty, cleaning, and food products from scratch. After learning plastic does not biodegrade, she quit plastics and has been sharing the wondrous return to nature online ever since amassing a substantial online following who is also interested in learning how to reduce their relationship with synthetics and embrace a natural way of living. View her blog of ideas and recipes, her products and buy her book at Follow her journey

Luke McLeod

Luke McLeod has become one of Australia’s most popular thought leaders in mindfulness and meditation. For over 16 years he has practiced and trained in a variety of different meditation techniques including, Vedic, Kundalini, Zen, Vipassana, and general mindfulness. The ability to make meditation relatable and enjoyable in today’s modern world has seen him build a wonderful, mindful community all around the world. Luke is the founder of Soul Alive, Australia’s first dedicated virtual meditation studio, and is the host of the popular podcast ‘Show Me Your Soul’.

Working closely with athletes, celebrities, and executives, along with global brands including AMEX, IAG, and Lululemon – shows his ability to harness mindfulness practices in the context of a fast-paced, modern life.

Neha Hobson

Neha Hobson is a content creator and published beauty writer in the ethical beauty and fashion niche, with over 15 years of international experience in the beauty industry. 

She works with global brands in various marketing capacities, and her services include content writing, copywriting, guest and blog writing, as well as Instagram collaborations to increase awareness and credibility for brands. 

With a notable audience, Neha feels a responsibility to educate and introduce her followers to ethical alternatives and help them make the switch, whilst showcasing that ethical beauty and fashion can be glamorous. 

Her work has been published in numerous international magazines and industry publications. She is also an advocate for clean, non-toxic skincare, and believes that true beauty is holistic and must be cultivated from within. The beauty news on her website features various skincare, inner beauty, and makeup articles as well as guest contributions from ethical businesses. Find it over at or connect with her on 

Sarah Berry

A mum to two-year-old, Rafferty and four-month-old, Romy, Sarah is a columnist and the Lifestyle Health Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Brittanie Dreghorn

Brittanie Dreghorn is the founder and editor of Britt’s List – an online fashion publication dedicated to telling the stories behind Australian fashion brands that lead their industry in environmental sustainability and ethical treatment of people and animals. Her interest and knowledge in fashion, sustainability and marketing forms her expertise around ethical business and communications. Since launching Britt’s List in 2017, Britt has made it her mission to raise awareness of the issues in the fashion industry and help promote and profile fashion brands that are making genuine efforts in sustainability. Off the back of Britt’s List, Britt runs monthly sustainable fashion walking tours in Brisbane and speaks regularly at events for businesses, fashion industry people and individuals who want to learn more about sustainability. She’s a thought leader in the industry and a passionate ambassador for truly ethical brands everywhere. 

Madeleine Edwards

Grounded in professionalism and raw demeanour, Maddie is a certified and practiced beauty therapist who has sought to convert her years of work in the beauty and skin space into a practical, raw informative journey into skin and self love. Maddie experiences hormonal acne and eczema, and her main goal is to help others facing a similar reality find some sort of peace and solace via her Instagram posts.

Lucy E Cousins

Lucy E Cousins is one of Australia’s most experienced health and lifestyle journalists. She has a passion for science-backed and expert-led wellness trends, sustainability and living a greener, less toxic life. She is currently the Digital Content Editor for T Australia: The New York Times Style Magazine, the editor of wellness website,  the former Wellness Editor for Marie Claire magazine,  and the founder of content creation brand, Find her on instagram at @lucyecousins, @urbansweatsydney and @remedycontent

Amy Starr

Amy Starr has worked as a beauty journalist at some of the country’s preeminent fashion titles for more than 15 years, including for magazines like ELLE and Vogue. A highly-experienced writer, stylist and creative director, Amy is also soon to be a mother for the second time. She has a passion for uncovering unique products and championing innovative makers to a whole new audience of fans. Her affection for the natural category began in childhood, where natural remedies and alternative therapies like massage (courtesy of a therapist parent) were regularly employed.

Lindsay Miles

Lindsay Miles is an educator, speaker, author and passionate zero waste/plastic-free living advocate helping others live more meaningful lives with less waste and less stuff. She has been sharing ideas, tips, tricks and strategies on her website Treading My Own Path since 2013, and has been featured across international media including, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Mind Body Green,TreeHugger, TEDx and more. She has written two books about living with less waste: Less Stuff (2019) and The Less Waste No Fuss Kitchen (2020).

Ria Andriani



Ria Andriani is a writer and musician based in Sydney. She has written on accessibility, arts and lifestyle for the Guardian, SBS, Overland literary journal and Unbias the News project.

Josh Reid Jones

Founder of the Just Be Nice Project, Josh Reid Jones is an entrepreneur, innovator, speaker and educator. Driven by a desire to ‘Create extraordinary positive change in the world by helping people make ordinary positive change’, Josh works extensively with organisations, communities and individuals across the globe to help people, help people. Josh works with schools, businesses, industry groups and charities both in Australia and abroad, working extensively on social responsibility, corporate impact, community development and mental health.  

Fiona Morouco

Fiona is a mum to Harrison and Theodore who keep her on her toes! She firmly believes that it’s the small steps you take to make a change that truly matter. If everyone were to make small, simple swaps to sustainable and ethical products, it would all add up! Fiona loves to try new products and share the gems with her Instagram community.

Teodora Tinc

I’m Teo. A wedding photographer, memory keeper and mama to baby Charlie. My favourite place in the world to be is in the stillness of nature, camera in one hand, baby in the other and my husband by my side. I am in love with slow, mindful living and finding joy in the mundane. My gift lies in seeing the beauty in the small moments and capturing memories. I believe we all leave a legacy and mine is simply to inspire others to see the magic in their life stories and preserve them, beautifully. 

Amanda Callan

Amanda Callan is a mother of four boys and a degree-qualified naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist. Together with her husband Andrew, Amanda is also the co-founder of Church Farm General Store, which is a family run business manufacturing handmade food products and herbal infused bar soaps.

Samantha Gilmore

Hi I’m Samantha (Sam) and I’m a mama to 3 little babes; Emilie, Lawson and Archer. I live in NSW where we help run the family farm which consists of stud sheep and cattle. I have a passion for photography which is why I love the creative outlet my Instagram (@wearethegilmores) has given me. It gives me the opportunity to continue to learn and grow as a creator while enjoying the amazing little community I have grown over the years. 

Shannon Renee Rafaelli

My name is Shannon and I am a mother of an almost-3 year old daughter, Lydia and another on the way (due any day now). I share my motherhood experience over on my Instagram account (@shannonreneee), which includes our gentle parenting style, slow and intentional living, and homeschool early learning. I am passionate about raising my children with adoration and respect for the planet, other people and importantly themselves. Social media is saturated with parenting influencers, however I aim to highlight the slow, and intentional days where magic happens in the perceived ‘mundane’. 

Shara Osario

Part-time model and full-time mother of three, I opt for natural and environmentally friendly options always. Passionately sharing the products I love through my Instagram page at @sharaosorio_

Shahrzad Kahrobai

Shahrzad is a content creator with a focus on conscious beauty and all things sustainability. She started THESPOTBEAUTY so she could share her honest and in depth reviews about the latest and greatest in the green beauty world.

Carla King-Turner

Carla is owner and founder of Mooi + U Beauty and the Greenhouse Retreats.  After spending 20 years as a tv presenter selling beauty, fashion and health Carla followed her passion of health and natural beauty in launching her own online beauty boutique featuring only results driven luxury natural and clean beauty and personal care brands.

Alena Turley

Alena Turley is an Australian mother of three, writerpodcaster and martial artist. Founder of pioneering ethical lifestyle blog, the Soul Mama Hub, and new membership, LionLife Academy, she mentors mothers who feel lost to not just survive but thrive on their way to rediscovering themselves. She shares accessible wisdom on holistic health, self-mastery and custodianship on Instagram and her podcast  Unboxable, Unstoppable .

Mikaela Greaney

I’m Mikaela, teacher and Mama of 3 chaotic boys, Kemba 6, Omri 4 and Sochi 2. We live beach side up in Far North Queensland and spend our days getting away as often as we can in our caravan, beach hopping along the coast, chasing crabs and collecting shells. 

Jacqui Scruby

Jacqui is the founder of 6 Weeks to Plastic Free, the world’s first online bootcamp for going zero waste. She’s an advocate for taking individual action and living imperfectly plastic free. She has witnessed her course participants reduce their household waste by up to 80%, showing the possibility of household waste reduction and creating demand for zero waste services, in solving global waste solutions. Jacqui has international experience in zero waste, having lived in London and travelled zero waste throughout Europe and America with her family including 2 children. After seeing turtles swimming through plastic in Greece, she shifted her focus to include individual action. She has a background in sustainability and climate change advisory work for business and government and continues to work for a climate change management advisory firm.

Hannah Gay

Hannah Gay @hannahcgay is a Sydney-based beauty and lifestyle writer with experience working on some of Australia’s most reputable print and digital publications. Currently holding the title of Beauty Editor for aesthetic industry magazine, Professional Beauty, Hannah has scrupulously trialled countless products and treatments in her career. She is especially interested in ethically-minded production processes and looks forward to learning more on the beauty brands creating with this ethos.

Ash Quinn

Ash is a professional makeup artist, mum and content creator with a passion for learning to navigate slow living and conscious consumption in the modern world. Ash has a pragmatic approach to sustainability and is a gentle activist for making lifestyle changes that benefit not only the environment but also better the lives of individuals, households. Very small step adds up over time to big change. She is also a big supporter of small businesses and loves sharing her finds with her audience.

Emily Ehlers

Emily Ehlers is a published author, illustrator, speaker and environmentalist. As the pun-loving artivist behind the beloved Instagram account @EcoWithEm_ , Em shares ideas and illustrations that focus on the health of the planet, the happiness of humans and the massive, inextricable, overlap between the two. She is solution-focused and renowned for finding light in the heaviest of issues and alchemising apathy into action. Em works with businesses, brands, organisations and councils that share her vision for a thriving biophilic world with less waste and more wonder. She has been featured in Forbes, Buzzfeed, Elle, Eco Warrior Princess, National Geographic and was named as one of Coca-Cola’s Feel Good Follows of 2021. You can find her at  

Samantha Christian

Marketing maven, copy queen and professional storyteller Sam Christian is a content creator and marketing consultant based in Tasmania. This dynamic mother of two is the former editor and creator of Tasmania’s first free Magazine for women LOIS. A lifelong learner, Sam is always looking at new ways to reduce the chemical load in her home and believes that each small step towards a cleaner, and more natural living makes a difference.

Marisa Robinson

My name is Marisa and I am a Cruelty Free Beauty Blogger based in Wollongong NSW. As an animal lover my whole life, I knew it was my responsibility to make the switch to cruelty free makeup and skincare and be part of the solution to stop animal testing. I use my blog and social platforms to inform and educate others on ethical beauty brands and share product reviews and my first impressions to make shopping cruelty-free easy and accessible.

Corrine Sultana

Meet Corrine. Wife and mother of two little boys. Professional change maker and project implementer. Low tox advocate. Passionate about helping people.

Corrine created The Low Tox Project out of the need to change the toxic load in her family’s life.  Following a “light bulb” moment when she suddenly realised the amount of chemicals in her home, she started a Facebook group to discuss this journey with others. This led to wanting to know more and further study. With a background in Project and Change Management, and tertiary study in Science (Psychology) and Training, Corrine is driven to help people, especially assisting them through change.  She has a passion for making a difference in people’s lives and thoroughly enjoys the Low Tox Journey. 

Niccii Kugler

Niccii Kugler is the founder of NASH + BANKS, a curated platform that helps people looking to live a more conscious life to discover the best quality ethical and sustainable solutions available today. Born in South Africa before moving to Australia when she was ten years old, Niccii grew up in a creative, entrepreneurial family of founders, free spirits and adventurers. She worked in film production after university then spent the majority of her early career working with some of Australia’s top interior design, retail, media and sales organisations. At the start of her career, Niccii took a break to join an NGO working on community and environmental projects in Costa Rica. The experience was life changing and taught her first hand the importance of a sustainable and ethical lifestyle. After the birth of her second child, Niccii found her awareness of the increasing cost of overconsumption became really heightened. She started searching for brands that offered alternatives and discovered an inspiring community of change-makers, innovators and artisans all dedicated to rewriting our future. When she couldn’t find one platform that offered her what she was looking for, she decided to build it herself. In 2018, NASH + BANKS officially launched. Niccii believes that change for the better begins with a single, imperfect step in the right direction.

Courtney Dow

Courtney Dow is a social creative and advocate for low-tox/low-waste living. Through her business The Conscious Coven she empowers women to make simple swaps in their home to improve their health and be kinder to the earth. Courtney loves sharing DIYs and injecting fun & humour into everything she does. You can find her on Instagram over at @theconsciouscoven

Petria Leggo-Field

Petria Leggo-Field was the founder of Coco Rose Eco and the Coco Rose Community.  Petria is on a mission to build a well-informed community based around the earth-friendly movement and help female eco entrepreneurs make a bigger impact, become more visible and make more sales. 

Petria is a busy mum to four young children and a wife to a fly-in-fly-out husband so understands what it’s like to be busy.  Petria is proud to gather a community of like minded business owners who are ready to embrace a more sustainable business,  and be mentor to help support and guide  them to make small steps in the right direction to enhance our planet. 

Petria is also the weekly host of The Sustainable Shift Podcast, which was founded in 2020 and in addition also loves guest speaking and workshop facilitating about all things sustainable business. 

She’s all about supporting conscious business owners who are heart centred and wildly passionate about making a difference on our environment and the future of the planet.


Podcast: The Sustainable Shift Podcast


Larissa Tedesco

Larissa is a sustainability, zero waster and vegetarian blogger at Eat Yourself Green. She is a new mom, marketing expert, and co-founder of Plastic Free Gold Coast where she works with the local community to reduce plastic consumption and waste, providing education and helpful resources. She’s always mindful of keeping sustainability accessible to all while also making sure she creates less waste and lives consciously with her new family on the Gold Coast.

Laura Trotta

Laura Trotta is one of Australia’s leading sustainable living educators and has won numerous regional and national awards for her fresh and inspiring take on living an ‘ecoceptional’ life.

A passionate believer in addressing the small things to achieve big change, and protecting the planet in practical ways, Laura has inspired and educated thousands of men and women globally to adopt a greener lifestyle through her popular Eco Chat podcast and award-winning sustainable living programs Home Detox Boot Camp and Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs.

Fusing her professional expertise as an environmental engineer with practical experience gained from founding and growing her own sustainable and ethical businesses, Laura coaches eco conscious businesses to grow their brand and make a bigger impact through her Eco Business Collective.

Follow Laura on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIN.

Paloma Garcia

Founder and Owner of PALOMA Salon is Paloma Rose Garcia. A high-fashion stylist and educator with 19 years of experience, Paloma is known as one of Australia’s leading hairdressers and has an enviable list of clients to match. Her distinguished career has seen her work with a plethora of celebrities and leading fashion titles including the likes of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Harpers Bazaar, as well as luxury fashion brands, Hermes and Christopher Esber to name a few. Winner of the Australian Fashion Hair Awards NSW Hairdresser of the Year 2017, and finalist in 2016, 2015 and 2014, as well as finalist for Salon Business Of The Year 2020, Paloma continues to carve a remarkable career. As Oribe’s Editorial Ambassador for Australia Paloma has worked alongside some of the industry’s greatest, sitting on James Pecis’s New York Fashion Week team 3 years running. 

In the salon Paloma loves creating Wash N’ Wear hairstyles that suit her guests’ lifestyle. She is passionate about working with the hair’s natural texture and acheiving lived-in styles her clients can manage – looks for all that modern life demands. What really drives her though is her immeasurable love for the PALOMA Salon team and all that they create together.

Rebecca Sullivan

Yale world fellow Rebecca Sullivan is an award winning author of eight books and sustainable living advocate. Known for her grannyskills movement and as co founder of Indigenous owned Warndu, rebecca has a masters in climate change and sustainable agriculture and is also a judge of many international awards such as Good food awards and the Australian food awards.

Amy Hughes

Amy Hughes is a natural beauty and wellbeing writer and an eco makeup artist. Amy specialises in real talk that resonates.  Working with clean beauty brands to spread their message further. Her down to earth approach is real, attainable and aspirational. Passionate about positive beauty and self acceptance, she strives to prove beauty is not superficial but a valid and accessible route to wellness. Learn more at

Shannon Welch

I have a keen interest in interior design and homewares. It’s becoming more important to me since becoming a mother that the products I bring into our home are safe for my family. I love supporting small Australian businesses and am so excited to discover more amazing businesses through this initiative that put their customers and the planet first 

Shannon x

Emily Fletcher

Emily is both the Founder and Head of Research & Education of the Clean + Conscious Awards (formerly the Australian Non-Toxic Awards.) She is a practising Optometrist, mother of two and Editor of popular website and consumer resource, My Non-Toxic Tribe. Emily has postgraduate qualifications in Pharmacology and has studied Advanced Chemistry at university. She initially founded the Awards in 2019 after identifying the need to celebrate and empower brands and small businesses that produce safe, non-toxic and socially responsible products.

Emma Freeman

Emma is the Content Director of the Clean + Conscious Awards. She first joined the Awards as an Expert Panellist back in 2019 and later collaborated with Emily Fletcher in running the Awards in 2020. 

Emma is a freelance writer, content strategist, certified yoga instructor and mother to two young boys. She has previously worked with the ABC and body+soul, written for various wellbeing and parenting publications, and in recent years worked exclusively with socially responsible brands and small businesses.

Dominique Scott

Dominique has a Psychology background and completed her Ph.D. in mental health. Currently, she is training to be a nutritionist and wellness coach due to her belief that our food choices, and exercise practices, are fundamental to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

As a mum, she strives to instill a sense of social responsibility within her family and encourages consideration of the pivotal role we each play in the lives of others, humans and animals alike.

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