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Introducing the Clean + Conscious Awards 2024 Expert Panel

Our awards celebrate products that work in perfect harmony with our bodies, our environment, and our society.

We are hugely grateful to our Expert Panel this year who play the role of hands-on testing and scoring products to help decide the winners of the Clean + Conscious Awards 2024.

Kelley Sheenan
Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Peppermint Magazine


Julie Mathers
Founder, Flora + Fauna
CEO, Snuggle Hunny
Co-Founder, The Future Co


Sarah Berry
Lifestyle Health Editor  Sydney Morning Herald + The Age

A journalist with nearly 20 years experience in print, online, radio and television, Sarah is highly regarded within her specialty field of fitness, nutrition and mental wellbeing, Sarah is the Lifestyle Health Editor at Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. She is also a mum of two girls, a runner and a yogi.

Jade Woodd
Food Blogger + Naturopath

Jade is a passionate naturopath, nutritionist, recipe developer and food photographer from Melbourne, Victoria. When not being a full-time mumma to her 3 daughter she is busy developing wholesome, allergen-friendly recipes on her blog, Panaceas Pantry, or working in her veggie garden.

Sigourney Cantelo
Editor + Founder  Beauticate

One of Australia’s best-known and highly-respected beauty and health experts, Sigourney spent nearly 20 years working across digital, print and television. Her website, Beauticate, is one of the countries most popular beauty and lifestyle sites, with a readership of nearly 380k per month across all platforms. She and the team recently launched a sustainability section on the site, GO GREEN, which features clean and conscious brands alongside tips and tricks to living a more environmentally aware life.

Prior to Beauticate, Sigourney was beauty and health director at Vogue Australia, Glamour, Body & Soul and New Woman. She is regularly called upon for comment in the media on shows such as Sunrise, A Current Affair, Nine News and Channel 10’s The Circle for whom she was resident beauty expert. On her site and popular social media channels, Sigourney creates honest, warm and beautifully-crafted how-to stories and videos, bringing authority and experience to the world of online beauty.

Laura Wells
Science Communicator, Environmentalist + Model


Montana Lower
Environmental Engineer, Activist + Founder of Bluem

Auriela St Clair
Comedian, Podcaster + Content Creator

Aurelia St Clair is a comedian, podcaster and content creator with a passion for sustainability.

Magdalena Roze
Journalist, Presenter + Cook Book Author

Magdalena Roze is one of Australia’s most versatile talents, combining her expertise in weather and journalism with her passion for food, sustainability and lifestyle. An award-winning television presenter, Magdalena has almost ten years of experience presenting live television including co-hosting Network Ten’s The Project, covering two Olympic Games, co-hosting the Australian Grand Prix coverage, reading news and weather on both breakfast and prime-time bulletins. Magdalena is a passionate foodie and ten years ago made the tree change to the Northern Rivers to help her partner open a restaurant on a farm, and where she began sharing her recipes and culinary adventures. This culminated in her wholefoods cook book “Happy and Whole.” Respected for her knowledge and love of food and lifestyle, she has contributed to, also a Food Reviewer for the prestigious 2015 SMH Good Food Guide, Reviewer for Mr. & Mrs. Smith boutique hotels and contributor to publications including Delicious and Sunday Style. She regularly hosts numerous food events and has interviewed many of the world’s biggest culinary stars. She also shares her wholefood recipes and lifestyle content on her instagram, including “Season”, a weekly Reels where she shares her inside knowledge of where to find the best hidden food gems. She is also the co-creator of cult chef’s spread “Oomite”, a 100% natural, real ingredient mite spread.

Veronica Milsom
Podcaster, Broadcaster, Writer + Host

Veronica Milsom is a radio host, actress, comedian and writer who’s now a rising star of podcasting. She is best known as a former co-host on triple j’s Drive show, current double j host and cast member in the ABC sketch comedy series Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell. Veronica is the host and creator of the comedy doco podcast Zero Waste Baby. Veronica made her start writing and performing popular skits on ABC TV’s Hungry Beast. When she’s not acting, MCing or making radio, Veronica can be found writing kids tv (like ABC’s Reef School), or in front of a keyboard penning articles for ABC Everyday, Sydney Morning Herald and magazine publications.

Nina Gbor
Circular Economy + Waste Director, Sustainable Fashion Educator + Speaker

As the founder of Eco Styles, Nina Gbor is a sustainable fashion educator, international speaker, sustainability consultant, clothes swap maven and eco stylist. Eco Styles engages with media, councils, organisations, schools, community groups and individuals to develop strategies for systems change towards a holistic sustainable fashion future. Nina is the Director of the Circular Economy & Waste Program at The Australia Institute. She was featured in season 3 of ABC TV’s award-winning environmental series, War on Waste. Nina was also an impact consultant on the War on Waste tv show.

Mason Taylor
CEO & Founder SuperFeast

Mason Taylor is a wellness educator, podcast host, and the CEO and founder of Australia’s leading tonic herb and medicinal mushroom provider, SuperFeast. He is a passionate tonic herbalist dedicated to teaching people from all walks of life how to embrace and benefit from the healing forces of nature, fostering a unique and dynamic health philosophy. With a focus on longevity and holistic well-being, Mason brings a refreshing and cheeky sense of humour to his talks, podcast, and life, believing that longevity relies on a good belly laugh.

Erin Norden
Clean Beauty Market

Erin is the Founder of Clean Beauty Market, Australia’s leading clean beauty retailer with 80+ global leading brands available online and in-store on the Gold Coast and Sydney.

Keira Rumble
Founder + CEO
 Krumbled Group

Keira Rumble is an Australian entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Krumbled Group, encompassing Krumbled Foods, Habitual Beauty and Mini + Me. Fueled by her personal health experiences, a passion to help people take care of themselves and live a happy and healthy life, Keira is on a mission to revolutionise the beauty, health and wellbeing industries worldwide. Keira shares the deep moments of life, including business success and her journey to motherhood.

Keira’s journey to become an entrepreneur began with a pre-diabetic diagnosis in her early twenties and the iconic collagen snack bar, Beauty Bites was born. Personal struggles of infertility, loss, IVF, severe Hyperemsisis Gravadiarum, Endometriosis, mental health challenges and so much more, subsequently formed a roadmap for her business success with Habitual Beauty and most recently, Mini + Me.

Neha Hobson
Content Creator (Conscious + Cruelty-Free Beauty)

Neha Hobson is an internationally acclaimed beauty expert with over 15 years of experience. She is a published makeup artist and beauty writer who has been featured in numerous professional industry magazines and blogs.

Neha began her career working for luxury beauty houses like Chanel and Estée Lauder. Her roles as a top-level makeup artist and a national educator allowed her to delve deep into skincare ingredients and makeup artistry techniques, imparting her extensive knowledge and empowering others.

Transitioning from her roots in mainstream beauty, Neha’s knowledge and passion led her to the ethical and cruelty-free space, aligning her professional endeavors with her personal values.

Now as a professional content creator, Neha collaborates with international beauty brands to create awareness towards their products. Through her work, Neha empowers women to stand against animal testing in cosmetics by supporting the right brands.
Connect with Neha on Instagram (@neha_ethicalbeauty) to discover how ethical choices can align seamlessly with luxury and glamour.

Melissa Mai
Yoga + Embodiment Teacher, Healthy Water Advocate + Low Tox Living Mamma

Melissa is a long term yoga & embodiment teacher. Working in the industry for over 11 years as a Studio Manager, Teachers Mentor and worldwide retreat facilitator. She lives in a small beachside town in northern NSW with her 4 year old daughter Grace. Melissa values and prioritises living a low-tox life and is hugely passionate about the importance of high quality drinking water.

Zeynep Bakan
Holistic Wellness Advocate + Educator

As a devoted mother of three and a former emergency nurse, I’ve dedicated my life to caring for others. However, my journey took a transformative turn when I delved into the realm of wellness and low-tox living.My heart beats for all things wellness, especially empowering mothers to take charge of their family’s health. My own journey towards a more holistic lifestyle began with questioning ingredients and lifestyle choices. This led me to embrace low-tox living, making conscious swaps in my home, and embracing clean, holistic living.I’m on a mission to empower fellow women to make similar changes in their homes. Guiding, supporting, and empowering them on their own wellness journey brings me immense joy and fulfillment. Together, we can create healthier, happier homes for our families.I believe in the power of holistic living – nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. From nutrition and exercise to mindfulness and self-care, I’m passionate about sharing practices that promote overall well-being. Living a low-tox lifestyle isn’t just about what we eat; it’s about the products we use, the air we breathe, and the environments we create. I’m committed to helping others make informed choices and create toxin-free spaces where families can thrive.

Kirsten Junor
Reverse Garbage

Reverse Garbage was established in 1975 by a group of teachers and community workers
determined to ease pressure on the environment. Their plan was to divert industrial discards
from landfill and reuse those materials in their classrooms. More than four decades since it
began, Reverse Garbage is now an internationally recognised environmental co-operative
committed to promoting sustainability through the reuse of waste materials.

CEO Kirsten Junor has been with the organisation since May 2015, when she joined as
Creative Director, and is passionate about sharing her creative skills to inspire a new
generation of reuse champions and waste innovators. One of Australia’s leading advocates
for reuse and the circular economy, Kirsten lives and breathes waste diversion.

Kirsten is now steering Reverse Garbage as a global leader of reuse. A key member of
Charitable Recycling Australia, Kirsten has worked alongside policymakers on co-design
recommendations for integrating reuse and the development of Circular Economy targets for

Amy Starr
Beauty Journalist

Amy Starr has worked as a beauty journalist at some of the country’s preeminent fashion titles for more than 15 years, including for magazines like ELLE and Vogue. A highly-experienced writer, stylist and creative director, Amy is also a mother of two. She has a passion for uncovering unique products and championing innovative makers to a whole new audience of fans. Her affection for the natural category began in childhood, where natural remedies and alternative therapies like massage (courtesy of a therapist parent) were regularly employed.

Courtney Dow
Low Tox Advocate + Social Selling Mentor

 Courtney is a Sunshine Coast mum of 3 with a passion for all things conscious and low tox living. Through her business she empowers women to make simple swaps in their home to improve their health and be kinder to the earth. Courtney loves sharing DIYs and injecting fun & humour into everything she does. You can find her on Instagram over at @itscourtneydow

Casey- Lee Lyons
Nutritionist, Naturopath, Founder of Live Love Nourish + Women’s Wellness Advocate

Casey-Lee is a qualified, down-to-earth nutritionist, naturopath, recipe creator and mum. With a passion for guiding women back to their most vibrant, healthiest and happiest version of themselves, Casey-Lee’s transformative program’s have helped hundreds of women regain their health and vibrancy. Casey-Lee also specialises in gluten free, wholefood recipes to nourish from the inside out.

Lauren L. Hill
Pro Surfer, Author + Host of The Waterpeople Podcast

Lauren L. Hill, professional surfer, writer and director, has spent more than a decade exploring and documenting surf cultures around the world through an eco-feminist lens. Her podcast, Waterpeople, celebrates the aquatic experiences that shape who we become back on land, and has garnered 1.5 Million + downloads. Lauren’s debut book, The Rise of Female Surfing is hailed as “the definitive anthology of women’s surfing.” Across multiple mediums, Lauren develops projects that revolve around the power of storytelling to build community and inspire action to protect our planet.

Zenaya Sól
Herbalist, Mother, Homesteader, Business Owner + Intentional Living Advocate

Homesteading in the hinterlands of NSW, Zenaya Sol and her family live a simple intentional life in close re-connection with Mother Nature and her seasons. Trusting in the power of plants to heal, Zenaya is a Herbalist and grows her own Herbal Apothecary. Her journey into Motherhood 9 years ago inspired her to start growing the cleanest produce to nourish the growing bodies of her family. Through her Edible Garden & Intentional Living Consultancy business SOL NOURISH, Zenaya empowers, supports and mentors people to transform their typical backyards into abundant edible food scapes, no matter the size! She advocates bringing conscious awareness and intention into all aspects of life by living sustainably in nature. Local, seasonal & regeneratively grown nutrient dense food is a sustainable way forward for the future of food and for the nourishment of the Earth, Body, Mind & Soul.

You can find Zenaya, her consultancy work and her journey of homesteading & homeschooling over at @sol.nourish_ on Instagram.

Niccii Kugler

Niccii Kugler is a Climate Reality Leader, one of Inside Retail’s Top 50 People in E-commerce (2023), a mother of two and the founder of Nash+Banks. Launched in 2018, Nash+ Banks is an award-winning lifestyle & gifting retailer for people looking to curate their lives with products that have a positive impact.

With both an online platform and a physical store in Avalon Beach, Nash+Banks is a space designed to inspire and delight, filled with remarkable conscious goods that have been sourced both from near and far.

From ethical production to artisan craftsmanship, all products selected embody the values of authenticity, innovation, and sustainability.

Visit Nash+Banks online at or in person at their Avalon Beach store.

Emily Fletcher
Clean + Conscious

Emily is both the Founder and Head of Research & Education of the Clean + Conscious Awards. She is a practising Optometrist and mother of two. Emily has postgraduate qualifications in Pharmacology and has studied Advanced Chemistry at university. She initially founded the Awards in 2019 after identifying the need to celebrate and empower brands and small businesses that produce safe, non-toxic and socially responsible products.

Emma Freeman - Content Director, Clean + Conscious

Emma Freeman
Content Director 
Clean + Conscious



This is Emma’s sixth year on the panel and her fifth year as Content Director of the Awards. She is also a freelance writer, strategist, certified yoga instructor and mother to two boys. Emma has previously worked with the ABC, body+soul and various wellbeing and parenting publications. These days, she works exclusively with conscious brands and has a specific interest in social impact, sustainability, and natural health and wellbeing.

Dominique Scott
Clean + Conscious Awards

Dominique is the Coordinator of the Clean + Conscious Awards. She is also a qualified Nutritionist and Wellness Coach and has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. 

As a mum and self-proclaimed “kindness advocate”, she believes wholeheartedly in the beautiful idea of each and every one of us coming together and taking steps towards creating a mindful, meaningful and magical existence.

Corrine Sultana
 The Low Tox Project

Corrine is the founder of the all things low tox space – The Low Tox Project. An award winning ecommerce store that specialises all things stainless steel with our popular bakeware and oven ranges in kitchens all over the country.  Corrine is also a Certified Low Tox Coach who provides a variety of coaching and consulting services and supports The Low Tox Project community online with their low tox journey

Ellie Degraeve
CEO, Founder + Owner Go For Zero

Learning about the harsh chemicals in our over-the-counter products when Ellie’s newborn daughter kept bursting out into rashes led her into a “research rabbit hole”. She learned about the government’s lack of regulation, the companies’ unethical manufacturing practices, and the lengths companies go to greenwash their products.
Backed by a career in international retail strategy, Ellie founded Go For Zero with the mission to educate, inspire and empower others to make a change, no matter how small. Today, Go For Zero is a trusted educational platform and award-winning one-stop-shop offering 2000+ sustainable, toxin-free versions of everyday products in terms of ingredients, packaging, and end of life.
Her commitment to drive change for individuals and businesses made Ellie the #1 person in E-commerce in 2023. In 2022, she won the State Telstra Best of Business award for Promoting Sustainability, and has recently been nominated as Sustainability Leader by the Australian Financial Review.

Sara Gordon
Founder of Mamma Revolution

Hey there!
I’m Sara Gordon, a double-degree qualified professional in Social Work and Human Services. I worked across both the Royal Children’s Hospital and Monash Medical Center, before I dedicated five years to child protection work and then embarked on the journey of motherhood to my three beautiful children.

As i was raising my babies I naturally found myself advocating for healthier products when I realised how many toxins and chemicals were lurking in everyday items – the advocate in me could not believe what was considered “safe”

In 2018 my company Mamma Revolution was born as a space to show families how when we can learn the basics we need for low tox living [and it can be simple] we can take back our power, our health and be so much more conscious in our decision making!

I have collaborated with major brands, created content and grown my social media community with both private and public resources helping the every day family create safer homes.

Josh Reid Jones
The Just Be Nice Project

Josh Reid Jones is an experienced social impact professional and founder of the Just Be Nice Project – working to ensure those in need, are supported until they are housed, employed, and have positive mental health outcomes. Josh works tirelessly to change the way people, help people, and to create extraordinary positive change in the world, by helping people make ordinary positive change.

Laura Trotta
Award-winning Sustainability Educator, Best-Selling Author + Environmental Engineer

Laura Trotta is one of Australia’s leading sustainability educators and has won numerous regional and national awards for her fresh and inspiring take on living an ‘ecoceptional’ life.

A passionate believer in addressing the small things to achieve big change, and protecting the planet in practical ways, Laura has inspired and educated tens of thousands globally to adopt a greener lifestyle through her popular Eco Chat podcast, award-winning sustainable living programs and best-selling book Sustainability in the Suburbs.

Fusing her professional expertise as an environmental engineer with the down-to-earth pragmatism that comes from being a busy mum, Laura is an eco thought leader who’s not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Keshia Tognazzini
Co-Host of The Road to Wisdom Podcast, Photographer, Videographer +
Mother of 5

Since completing a Bachelor in Exercise Science and Doctor of Physiotherapy, Keshia has been an avid researcher of health. It was the onset of starting a family that influenced her interest in more alternative paths to health, having witnessed and experienced many of the downfalls of the current mainstream medical system. This has been reflected in the management of her own medical conditions, her approach to pregnancy, birth and raising her children. Passionate about maintaining a toxic free and healthful life for her family, Keshia has dedicated significant hours to understanding the biomechanics and biochemistry of the body and the importance of bringing our systems back to nature.

Keshia, with her friend and Co-Host Chloe, share their combined learnings, experiences and curiosity for further education with their audience through The Road to Wisdom Podcast.

Chloe Pacey
Co-host of The Road to Wisdom Podcast, Traveller, Homesteader +
Mother of 5

Chloe, a mother of five and co-host of the widely popular “The Road to Wisdom” podcast, has been immersed in natural and alternative lifestyles since her youth. This early interest led her to pursue a degree in health science with a specialisation in naturopathic medicine. Chloe is deeply passionate about homeopathy, circadian biology, regenerative farming and learning from our natural environments. She is dedicated to instilling strong nutritional values in her children and fostering their connection to nature on her family’s property.

Lee Sutherland
Editor of This Wildling Life, Founder of Little Wildling Co + frankie+jet

Lee Sutherland wears many hats – Founder of Little Wildling Co organic, B Corp certified herbal teas, Editor of This Wildling Life website which is home to all things sustainable living, beauty and health, Director of frankie+jet talent management and most importantly, mum to Ava and Jet. It is through wearing these hats she understands the importance of creating a business that is mindful and being as ‘green’ as possible, despite the challenges that can bring.

Alena Turley
Mentor, Educator + Presenter

Alena Turley is a holistic guide for midlife mothers, supporting women ready to heal, build self-confidence, and make lasting change for good.

Ash Quinn
Makeup Artist

Ash is a professional makeup artist, mum and content creator with a passion for learning to navigate slow living and conscious consumption in the modern world. Ash has a pragmatic approach to sustainability and is a gentle activist for making lifestyle changes that benefit not only the environment but also better the lives of individuals and households. Small steps add up over time to big changes. She is also a big supporter of small businesses and loves sharing her finds with her audience.

Lucy E Cousins
Health Writer + Director of Remedy Content

With over 20 years’ experience, Lucy is an experienced health writer and lifestyle content producer. She is the director of Remedy Content (, and editor of, and is a former Marie Claire Wellness Editor, Women’s Health Deputy Editor and New York Times Australia Digital Content Editor. She also lectures at the University of Sydney, and loves playing with her 5-year-old daughter and rescue dog, Stella.

Katherine Hay
BHSc Clinical Nutritionist

Katherine Hay is a BHSc Clinical Nutritionist with 8+ years experience in the field. Katherine is the founder of @KapturedNutrition, co-founder of @HonestHealthCo and co-host of podcast @thenobsapproachtomotherhood. Katherine’s passionate and holistic approach to nutritional medicine draws clients across Australia and internationally. Her areas of expertise lie within reproductive health, preconception and postnatal care, gut health, mental health, skin and autoimmune disorders.

Lindsay Miles
Waste Educator

Lindsay Miles is an educator, speaker, author and passionate zero waste/plastic-free living advocate helping others live more meaningful lives with less waste and less stuff. She has been sharing ideas, tips, tricks and strategies in real-life workshops and on her website Treading My Own Path since 2013.

Ria Andriani
Writer + Musician

Ria Andriani is a writer, musician and advocate based in the Blue Mountains.

Being a blind person, Ria often encounters barriers to even the most basic things like distinguishing between products or quickly checking the list of ingredients.

As a conscientious shopper and lover of women’s products, Ria appreciates the value of accessible information and universal designs that speak to people with all abilities.

When she finds those features in products in the wild, especially products developed by small businesses, Ria celebrates them from the roof top.

Arjun Sudhir
Beauty Writer + Brand Consultant

I’m Arjun Sudhir. I’ve been reviewing green beauty products and writing about them for almost a decade now. You can follow me on Instagram at @justaskarjun. I’ve also recently started a consultancy for ethical and sustainable beauty brands called Considered Communications. You can visit my website here:

Amy Hughes
Natural Beauty + Wellbeing Writer

Amy Hughes is a natural makeup specialist and beauty writer. She works with conscious brands to spread their message further. Real talk resonates with her down to earth approach. Passionate about positive beauty and self acceptance she strives to prove beauty is not superficial but a valid and accessible route to wellbeing.

Mia Cowling
Founder + Editor-in-Chief of

Mia is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of, a lifestyle brand dedicated to all things, food, travel lifestyle and home. Australian based but truly global with an audience from across the world, ele captures the essence of the modern age, embracing digital and print as a way to connect and share those things that make life truly wonderful. ele has grown to attract a worldwide readership sharing the very best in travel destinations and experiences, food and recipes, fashion, beauty, interiors, wellness, health and home. With two quarterly print and digital magazines, ele Magazine and ele HOME, a global online site and recently launched technology, automotive and adventure travel brand,, ele has positioned itself to become one of the fastest growing female-owned media companies in Australia. In addition to the ele brands, Mia is Co-Founder of Style Machine ( focused on all things fashion and style. Mia is passionate about supporting brands and businesses that support a cleaner and more sustainably focused future.

Michelle Ruzzene 
Editor, Retail Beauty

Michelle is the Editor at Retail Beauty, the only authoritative, independent retail beauty business magazine communicating to everyone working in the industry. With a deep background in journalism, she keenly tracks beauty trends and expertly balances her professional skills with personal passions, including beach swims and netball. A mother of two girls, former news journalist, and lover of margaritas, Michelle’s expertise in communication enriches her editorial work.

Marisa Robinson
Founder of Wild + Cruelty Free + Ethical Beauty Content Creator

Marisa is the founder of Wild & Cruelty Free, an online destination for Australian Vegan & Cruelty Free Beauty & Wellness Products, and a Vegan and Cruelty Free Content Creator based in Wollongong, NSW.

As an animal lover and activist, Marisa knew it was her responsibility to make the switch to living cruelty free and be part of the solution to stop animal testing.

Through product reviews, makeup looks and collaborations, Marisa uses her social platforms to amplify ethical beauty brands while educating and inspiring others to make the switch to cruelty free beauty and living easy and accessible.

Claire Karlson
Content Creator + Photographer

I am Claire & mama to three little darlings aged six and under. We live in the beautiful Hunter Valley NSW. I absolutely love to take photos of my kids which has led me to become a photographer and a content creator on my Instagram

Petria Leggo-Field
Content Creator + Founder of The Late Blooming Lounge

Hello, I’m Petria , a 38-year-old queer, solo mum to four wonderful children.

In the last 3 years, I embarked on a deeply personal journey, one that led me to a profound realization: I am a late bloomer lesbian.

I’m eager to share my story, not just for myself but for other women who, like me, may have lost a part of themselves in the midst of motherhood. My hope is that my journey can serve as an inspiration to anyone grappling with confusion about their own sexuality, encouraging them to embrace curiosity and make brave choices.

Renee Carpenter
Production + Sustainability Fashion Expert + Demartini Facilitator

Renee Anthony boasts over 16 years of extensive experience in fashion production, operations, and sustainability within the Australian industry. Throughout her career, she has successfully guided leading brands in Australia towards the implementation of responsible business practices and the establishment of sustainable supply chains. With a keen focus on B-Corp certification, climate neutrality initiatives, and sustainable yarn sourcing, Renee is recognized for her profound expertise in production operations. Beyond her remarkable contributions to the fashion industry, Renee is also a certified Demartini Facilitator, leveraging the renowned Demartini Method by Dr. John Demartini. Through her association with Quantum Equilibrium, she assists individuals in harnessing human behavior to master their minds and ultimately, their lives. Despite her professional achievements, Renee cherishes her role as a devoted mother to her one-year-old son. She holds family values close to her heart and prioritises maintaining a clean and conscious household environment.

Mikaela Hanson
Mother , Teacher + Content Creator

Mikaela is a full time primary school teacher, Content Creator and mother of three young boys.
After busy days in the classroom Mikaela enjoys getting behind the camera, supporting small businesses to create content. Weekends are spent enjoying the simple things in life camping , sitting around a fire and time by the beach with her active boys.

Elise Wilson
Beauty Editor 
ARE Media Weekly Titles

Elise Wilson is an experienced beauty editor and professional hair and makeup artist. Working across some of ARE Media’s biggest titles in both print and online for the past seven years including New Idea, Woman’s Day and WHO, her passion for creating inspiring, engaging, and on-brand content is unwavering. Elise is now an insider expert forecasting the latest beauty news, trends and must-have products her readers want to know about.

Amy Maree Campbell
IVF + Endo Warrior & Mummy Blogger

Amy Maree knows the stresses of life after owning her own beauty business for almost 2 decades, whilst suffering from Endometriosis since she was a teen- she then went on to struggle to fall pregnant via IVF for 5 years and did 6 cycles and 8 transfers to conceive her daughter and then her 9th to conceive her son at 40 years old. She loves empowering women in all aspects of life be it through business, beauty, on the rocky journey trying to conceive or being a busy Mum juggling all life’s little hurdles.

Amy became an Author this year when she collaborated with a bunch of amazing Mums and Co-authored & published “Navigating Motherhood” which was lucky enough to be a part of the Gift boxes for this years Oscar Recipients including Lady Gaga and Rhianna. Amy is currently in final stages of her very first solo book “Trigger Warning” which will take you on a journey through the highs and lows of a IVF warrior.

Amelia Davatzis
Product Reviewer/Brand Researcher, App + Content Creator, Founder of A Glimpse Of Amelia + Glimpse It


Glimpse It on the App Store (
Glimpse It – Apps on Google Play

My name is Amelia Davatzis, I grew my business as an extension of my Instagram page A Glimpse of Amelia. I am a brand researcher and product reviewer and I offer several consulting services all surrounding the low-tox space. Most recently, I created an app called Glimpse It, which is a low-tox directory of brands, designed to help people create a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable home. 11 years ago I fell down a very large rabbit hole and I have never really surfaced. My passion for all things low tox is evident in my desire to educate not only myself, but my growing community in a time where being aware of toxins in our everyday life is at an all-time high.

Dee Zibara
Women’s Hormone + Natural Fertility Specialist

Renowned for her expertise in hormonal health, Dee Zibara stands as one of Australia’s foremost authorities in natural fertility, empowering women to maintain hormonal balance and preserve fertility through a decade-long commitment to promoting a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle.

As a passionate advocate for low-tox and sustainable living and a mother of two, Dee emphasizes the importance of choosing clean and conscious brands.

With her newly launched transformational program, Fertility Magic, along with her popular 6 week FlowFit Challenge, Dee offers holistic solutions for fertility struggles and hormonal imbalances, complemented by her line of organic ‘healthy’ teas and insightful wellness advice shared on her Instagram and podcast, What A Mouthful.

Madison Zagame
Content Creator + Influencer

Madison is a year 10 student who enjoys outdoor activities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her main interests include netball, running, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Candice Needham 
Content Creator +
Mum of 3

Earth loving, 40yr old busy mum of three. On the rare occasion I get my laundry pile under control, in my spare time I love to read, paint & spend time in the garden growing my own produce!
Began my influential journey on Youtube in the early days back in 2010, now primarily focusing on Instagram reels with my love of learning about how the ingredients in nature affect our skin and body. As well as a strong passion for photography.

Samantha Gilmore
Photographer/Content Creator

Samantha is a mama to 3 little babes; Emilie, Lawson and Archer. She lives with her husband Ross in NSW where they run the family farm which consists of stud sheep and cattle. Samantha has a passion for photography! It started off as a hobby but over the years has developed and evolved and is the reason why she launched her Instagram account as a creative outlet. It has given her a platform to share her realness, grow as a content creator whilst also enjoying the amazing community she has created.

Kirstie + Sarah
Skin Therapists, Beauty Clinic Owners, Low Tox Educators

We are a beauty therapist and corneo skin therapist. We have been in the industry for over 15 yrs and owned our own clinic for 10 years. We’ve had an interest in holistic living since the age of 19, but the passion absolutely grew when we started having children of our own. Our eyes were opened to the crazy amount of toxic products marketed to mums and kids! Through our work with Turu Beauty, we also became more aware of toxic products in skincare and cosmetics. 

We’re passionate about showing people how to read and recognise ingredients in their products, and how to make easy low tox swaps. 

We are both due for our third bubbas – Sarah in June and Kirstie in July/August

Eljay Esson
Wellness + Lifestyle Creator

Eljay is an accomplished wellness and self-care creator with over 15 years experience in the beauty and lifestyle niche.

Based on the Gold Coast, Eljay is a massive self love advocate inspiring women to take control of a healthier mindset. With a passion for sustainability and plant based living she is champion for all things health and wellbeing.

Fiona Morouco
Content Creator
The Hills Mama

Fiona is a mum to two young boys who keep her on her toes! As an accountant, content creation is the perfect creative outlet for her. Fiona loves discovering new products and businesses to share with her community, particularly those that focus on sustainability.

Georgia Harding
Naturopath, Recipe Developer + Founder of Well Nourished + Well Nourished Kids

Georgia is a Naturopath, author, mum and passionate health educator. She is founder of Well Nourished where she shares fad-free health advice and easy to make, nourishing recipes to support families to eat well consistently. She endeavours to simplify nutrition and make cooking nourishing meals achievable for everyone. Georgia is also committed to supporting the health of this generation and especially loves to help parents raise happy, healthy kids via her podcast and program ‘Raising Well Nourished Kids’.

Fiona Noonan
Yoga + Meditation Teacher Health + Wellness Coach

Fiona is a Yoga Teacher, Meditation facilitator, Conscious Health Coach, and a salubrious mum. Through overcoming her own health and body challenges she found a new level of health and happiness. She loves to advocate the body’s ability to treat and heal itself, through conscious nutrition and movement. She is a Yoga and meditation teacher, and has facilitated health and yoga retreats and workshops.

Fiona uses a light-hearted approach to teaching, enjoying the marriage of breath with movement, believing that Yoga can be for everybody. More recently she has trained in Kundalini Yoga which has sparked a love of breathwork and techniques which she enjoys sharing with students across all modalities. She loves the ocean and you will find her on the beach when not on the mat!

Amy Landry
Senior Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Mentor, Writer, + Podcast Host

A beacon for those craving a connection to the timeless wisdom traditions of India, Amy Landry has cemented herself as a global yoga teacher, mentor, teacher trainer, ayurvedic practitioner, podcast host, mother of two, and eternal student. Renowned for her sold-out international retreats, Amy has contributed extensively to Australian Yoga Journal, Om Yoga & Lifestyle magazine, YOGA Magazine (UK), and Nature & Health magazine Australia. Across the country, she has presented at Wanderlust, Evolve Festival, Byron Spirit Fest, and Ekam Yoga Festival. You can listen to her Living In Alignment podcast on all major platforms.

Natalie K. Douglas
Women’s Health Dietitian + Naturopath

Nat has completed further study in functional medicine, Emotional-Body Release therapies, Yoga Teacher Training and Fitness instructing, and is a self-confessed curious life-long learner.

Through her often fully-booked online clinical practice, programs and done-for-you educational guides , Nat helps people experiencing hormone, thyroid, gut and/or fertility issues to reclaim their energy, transform their digestive health, optimize their fertility, and balance their hormones so they can live happy, healthy, and empowered lives.

Nat has been a featured expert in Australian Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Fx Medicine, The House of Wellness, I Quit Sugar, and across various online media.

Her results-focused, compassionate, and holistic approach is where ancient wisdom meets modern science. It’s this union that allows her to weave an integration of functional testing, food as medicine, nutritional and herbal supplementation, movement; environmental medicine, spirituality and emotional-body therapies to achieve client-centered, lasting results for those who choose to journey alongside her.

Learn more on her website and on Instagram @natalie.k.douglas.

Natalie Sellars
Holistic Facialist / Owner Kinder Life Skin Health Experts

Natalie Sellars has been honing her craft as a skincare therapist for more than 23 years, founding her first salon in 2013. Specialising as a holistic facialist and skin health educator, niching in meditation facials, weaving ancient techniques with modern technology. Natalie uses her experience and knowledge to hand pick products from all natural, organic and small batch skin care brands for her ‘collections’ from Australia and NZ to get professional results. She continues to educate through her Kind beauty masterclasses in person and online.

Crystal Love
Content Creator + SAHM

Mama of Sunny with a little boy coming in November. During my maternity leave I found a love for taking endless amounts of beautiful photos of my little one which led me to creating chasing_sunny. I absolutely love supporting small business! Sunny and I trial and share lots of Aussie owned products through the instagram platform, with so many of those being sustainable and ethical.

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