The Clean + Conscious Awards are run by a team of women who believe that educating people to consume mindfully, at the same time as motivating brands to manufacture responsibly, will affect change on a large scale.

About Us

Founded as the Australian Non-Toxic Awards back in 2019, the Awards are the brainchild of blogger, mother and practising Optometrist Emily Fletcher, who founded the Awards when she identified the need to celebrate safe and socially responsible products.


Following the success of the Awards’ first two years, the Awards returned in 2021 with a brand-new name and brand identity. “Clean + Conscious” fuses our two key values: safety (non-toxicity) and social responsibility (ethics, sustainability, and giving back to society).  

In 2022, we are excited to commence what is now our fourth year (wow!) of the Clean + Conscious Awards.

The Clean + Conscious Awards are proudly independent, 100% free of advertising, and unaffiliated with any brands, corporations or media organisations.

Meet The Team

Emily Fletcher

Founder & Head of Research & Education

Emily Fletcher is the founder of the Clean + Conscious Awards, however started her career far removed from the wellness and sustainability industry. A practising Optometrist of 13 years and mother of two, Emily has postgraduate qualifications in Pharmacology and has studied Advanced Chemistry at university.

Emily began to document her journey of discovering truly healthy, non-toxic products for her home and family on her blog over six years ago. Emily’s in-depth, detailed, and well-researched guides to choosing safe products have gained her a large consumer following.

Her ability to read scientific research papers, explain her findings clearly, and provide an independent voice without a brand association makes her a well-respected authority in the clean and conscious world.

Today, as Head of Research & Education at the Clean & Conscious Awards, Emily is more passionate than ever about educating consumers of the power they have to change the world, through supporting brands who prioritise the planet and its people.


Emma Freeman

Content Director

For the past three years, Emma has worked alongside Emily in overseeing and executing content and marketing strategy for the Awards. She also directs the creative vision of the Clean + Conscious brand and recruits experts for the Awards Expert Panel.

Emma has a background in media and marketing, having worked with platforms such as the ABC, body+soul and Fairfax. In recent years Emma has worked exclusively with conscious brands, including Campos Coffee, Nerada Tea and, of course, Clean + Conscious.

Based in the Northern Rivers with her young family, Emma is deeply passionate about climate action, waste reduction and conscious living. In 2022 she will be focussing her attention on the newly-launched C+C blog and much more.

emma tea

Dominique Scott

Communications and Content Assistant

Dominique is an advocate for holistic health, has a PhD in mental health and is currently undergoing training as a Nutritionist and Wellness Coach.

In 2022, she joins the Clean + Conscious team for the second year in a row, working across content, communications, and as a valued member of our Expert Panel.

Dominique believes in a multidimensional approach to health and well-being, with an emphasis on nutrition and movement as well as recognizing the individual as a whole person (mind and body as one). 

As a mum she strives to instill a sense of social responsibility within her family and encourages consideration of the pivotal role we each play in the lives of others.


Kate Carman

Developer & Designer

Kate first joined the Awards when she designed and developed the Awards Directory & Expert Panel page in 2020. In 2021, Kate wass the designer behind the Clean + Conscious Awards rebrand, the developer of our digital assets (including our website), and our go-to girl for all things tech.

Kate is the Founder & Creative Director of Rabble Rouse Creative, a digital design studio that creates heart-led branding and bespoke WordPress websites that help conscious and ethical businesses establish and grow on a well-grounded foundation. Kate applies elements of slow living and mindful design to everything she does because creativity needs space to breathe (and so do we).

We Proudly Support

Groundswell Giving funds power strategic, high impact climate action and advocacy in Australia. 100% of their donations go directly to climate action grants for people and organisations tackling the climate crisis.

OneSight is an independent nonprofit which believes everyone should have access to world-class eye care regardless of circumstance. In Australia, OneSight runs an Indigenous Eye Health Program, building sustainable access to eye care in remote areas as well as working with those in need in regional and metropolitan areas. 

Emily Fletcher, our Awards Founder, is passionate about supporting OneSight. She has participated in many of their clinics as an Optometrist, giving glasses and eye care in both remote Indigenous communities as well as Sydney based clinics, providing eye care for the homeless.

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