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FAQ ~ Clean + Conscious Awards 2024

How do I enter the Awards?

To find out everything you need to know about our Awards, including entry fees, registration process and more, please take a look at our Information Pack on the Awards Home Page.

To submit a product for entry, please register your details and fill out the online entry forms.

I’d like to enter but my category is missing.

There are a few changes to the categories we are running this year – some are new and some left out.

Please contact us on if you have any requests around this as your product may be suitable to be entered in another category or alternatively, if at any stage your category is introduced into the Awards, we’ll definitely be in touch.

How much does it cost to enter?

The 2024 entry fees are as follows:

Early-bird entries: $390 (+GST) Initial product and $220 (+GST) subsequent products

General entries: $450 (+GST) Initial product and $270 (+GST) subsequent products

A Small Business Discount of $50 is offered to businesses of 2 employees or less

A First Nations business discount of $50 is offered to businesses who identify as First Nations businesses.

If you are a business in Australia and registered for GST, you are able to claim the GST payment component back from the ATO. If you are a business based overseas, please check this box to have a GST free entry.

How are the Awards promoted/ marketed?

The Clean + Conscious Awards are promoted to our ever-growing community of conscious consumers across the Awards’ many marketing channels. This includes the Clean + Conscious website and blog, our email subscriber database (we have a very engaged audience of consumers seeking non-toxic & conscious products) and across the Awards’ social channels (organic and paid content) over a period of 6 months. We have also recently launched a podcast.

The Awards are further promoted via our media partner Peppermint magazine as well as PR and influencers via our Expert Panel (e.g. in 2023 this included an editorial in the Sydney Morning Herald by our panellist Sarah Berry amongst others). There’s also a huge push by finalists/winning brands promoting the Awards to their own audiences.

What is the reach of the Awards?

Our primary goal at the Awards is to inspire and educate consumers to shop more consciously and to purchase products that are better for their bodies, their families, and the planet.  

At the time of announcing the 2023 winners, the Awards directory received more than 85,000 visits, our Instagram reach hit more than 150,000 and the combined social media reach of both our Expert Panel and winning brands reached more than 5 million users. The Awards currently has a very engaged audience with a subscriber database of over 12,500 and a combined social media community of 16,000 and growing.

What questions are asked on the product info form?

  • Product name
  • Full Ingredients/ materials List (INCI) (full disclosure is compulsory, though we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements and for information to confidentially be viewed by our founder only.)
  • Recommended Retail Price
  • Product Description / Relevant Information
  • How do you embrace Ethical Practices? (This can include the choice of ingredients, assurances against child labour etc. Please include the country of manufacture.) Bullet point structure please.
  • How do you embrace Sustainability? (This can include details about your product and/or postal packaging. It may include details on your ingredients, ways of reducing your environmental footprint, etc.) Bullet point structure please 
  • How do your embrace your Social Responsibility? (This can include everything you are doing which could benefit your local and global communities, including supporting charities.) Bullet point structure please.

Whilst social responsibility is an important part of our judging criteria, it’s important to note that no business is doing it perfectly. We just don’t live in a world where that’s possible (not yet!)

So, when filling out the social responsibility sections of your entry form, please focus on what your business is doing well: whether that be steps you are taking to become carbon neutral, ethics of manufacture, sustainable farming practices, running a zero-waste office, biodegradable mailers or charities and/or initiatives your business supports.

For Fashion, Foundation, Apparel, Nappies , Sleeping Bags and Bed Linen: how do I provide products for review?

Please see below for Sizing & Shades for the Initial Review Product.

Activewear: size 8,  Underwear: size 8,  Basics: size 8, Swimwear: size 8, Bra size: 10 C.

Kids Apparel: size 10 if possible, otherwise size 8 (unisex colours preferred) – If a swimsuit entry: Girls: size 10, Boys size: 6 or 8.

Baby Apparel: size 2 if possible. (unisex colours preferred) Disposable Nappies: 12kg, 18 month old,  Reusable Nappies: 20 month old,  Sleeping Bag: size 12 months + (unisex colouring preferred.)

If entering bed linen into the Bed category, pillowcases can be sent instead of sheet sets.

*Foundation Shade: Please contact to receive a photo to colour match your Foundation shade review product to.

I would like more information about Emily Fletcher and/ or the Expert panelists.

Emily Fletcher is the founder of the Clean + Conscious Awards. A practising Optometrist of 15 years and mother of two, Emily has postgraduate qualifications in Pharmacology and has studied Advanced Chemistry at university.

Emily began to document her journey of discovering truly healthy, non-toxic products for her home and family on her blog over seven years ago. Emily’s in-depth, detailed, and well-researched guides to choosing safe products have gained her a large consumer following. Her ability to read scientific research papers, explain her findings clearly, and provide an independent voice without a brand association makes her a well-respected authority in the clean and conscious world.

Today, as Head of Research & Education at the Clean & Conscious Awards, Emily is more passionate than ever about educating consumers of the power they have to change the world, through supporting brands who prioritise the planet and its people.

Our 2024 Expert Panel will be announced at the same time as finalists are announced. Many of our experts return to our panel year after year. Expect to see many familiar faces returning in 2024 plus a few new!

Our 2023 panel included over 45 panellists, including Sarah Berry (Lifestyle Editor for the SMH and The Age), Sigourney Cantelo (ex-Vogue and Beauticate Editor), Kelley Sheenan (Peppermint Magazine Founder & Editor in Chief)….and many more!

To view the full list of 2023 experts please go HERE.

We’d like to enter more products. 

To enter more products, please log back into your My Account page and scroll to the bottom where you will find the ‘ADD MORE PRODUCTS’ button. From here you will be able to pay for your additional entries. 

You then can continue to submit these as before.

Do I need to provide certifications?

The inclusion of certifications is optional. They may include lab tests, organic ingredient certifications or fair-trade certifications. They are much more relevant to certain categories than others (e.g. Drink bottles proving they don’t contain lead.)

Any uploaded information in this section is confidential.

What is your address for postage?

Emily Fletcher, Clean + Conscious Awards



We ask that the postal packaging be consciously chosen and for biodegradable, recyclable or reused packaging be used.

*As this is a Post Office Suite, whilst courier products are accepted, it is only open office hours to accept deliveries. Sending through Australia post can make this process less complicated.

How many products do I send?

Initially, you will only send one product for review. If selected as a finalist, you will be required to send 3 further products for review by our Expert Panel. 

* Products in the categories Activewear, Swimwear, Yoga & Sunglasses will only be required to send 2 more non-returnable products for review after the initial entry product. This also can be arranged for products worth over $180.

All products are non-returnable as they will be hands on reviewed.

How will my product be judged?

All entries to our Awards are judged fairly and transparently. Initial entries are analysed by our Head of Research & Education, Emily Fletcher, and finalists are judged by our 2024 Expert Panel. 

During this process, your product will be judged on: ingredients/ materials, usability, packaging (including postal packing) and the answers supplied in your product submission form. 

For more information on the 2024 Awards judging process, please look at the T&C’s under Judging. 

Are there any additional costs?

There is no cost to win a Clean + Conscious Award. All Finalists & Winners will receive their submitted image with the superimposed rosette.

There is also the opportunity to purchase the Awards Promotional Toolkit which includes the Rosette Artwork with 3 additional logos for $300/ product. This rosette and logos can be used on packaging, correspondence, promotional and marketing materials, email signatures and (not limited to) social media artwork. The licence also includes a ‘Click to Buy’ link in the Awards Directory and the opportunity to participate in extra campaigns such as our discount page and giveaways.

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