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Shower vs Bath. Which is best for saving water?

Feeling confused about which is best for saving water? Let's crunch the numbers and see which is the winner.

In our house, we have the luxury of being able to choose between a shower and a bath. However, when thinking about saving water, I’ve often felt confused about which is actually best. Ultimately, it depends on how you are using it. Let’s crunch the numbers together and see which is the winner.

Shower vs Bath

An average bath tub holds 140 litres of water and the average shower releases 19 litres of water a minute. This means that for a shower to be more water saving than the full bath, your total shower (including the time you are letting the water heat up!) has to be about 7 minutes.

What about if I have an ultra low-flow water saving shower head?

An ultra low-flow water saving shower head will save you up to 10 litres of water a minute shower… so you’ll be matching a full bath once your shower reaches 15 minutes instead. (We’re trying to save water, so ideally your shower will be under this!)

Water saving tips

Be it shower or bath, there are ways that you can save water. Here are some ideas to keep you washing in the most planet-friendly way.

Enjoy your bath – half full

This is definitely a wonderful water saving strategy, especially if you have children. They won’t mind at all about less water in the bath and it gives them a wonderful play time too.

Install a water saving shower-head

Remember, this is not a free ticket to an unlimited shower. With an ultra low-flow shower, it will still match a full bath at 15 minutes.

Time yourself!

It is amazing how quickly the time flies when you are under the hot water and lost in thoughts. Set a timer to buzz to make sure that you aren’t wasting water unwittingly. Ideally, we’d be trying to beat the water used in the full bath when showering. Set a challenge for yourself – can you manage a 4 minute shower? How about a 3 minute one?

Fit a water meter

The ultimate reality check is being able to see the true numbers of how much water you are actually using. Over time, curbing water usage will also save you money too.

Enjoy Consciously

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