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Super-Seed Spread recipe

This extra crunchy, nutrient packed nut and seed butter delivers high amounts of plant-based protein, omega-3, fibre, vitamins and minerals!

This extra crunchy, nutrient packed nut and seed butter can be adapted to suit your taste and used in a variety of ways. It delivers high amounts of plant-based protein and omega-3, as well as fiber, essential unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals! The addition of seeds substantially increases the nutritional value, and general crunchiness, of the spread.

Makes: 15 servings; 375-gram jar


1 cupNut butter of your choice^
2 tbsp2 tbsp
2 tbspHemp seeds
1-2 tbsp1-2 tbsp
1 tbspPepitas

Tips: When choosing nut butters, ensure there is no added sugar or oil (or salt if you are on a low sodium diet). You can create an allergy friendly version using seed butter (rather than nut butter) as a base.  


1. Add your favourite nut butter, or combination of nut butters, to a bowl.

2. Add your seed selection to the nut butter.  

3. Stir with a fork until combined.

4. Place the extra crunchy, super-seed spread into a sealable 375-gram jar* (or container) and store in the pantry.

5. Eat straight out of the jar (I do!), use in a sandwich, spread on top of toast or apple slices (my personal favourite), or throw a tablespoon into a smoothie.

^Homemade or bought nut butters can be used individually as a base or combined. Recommendations: Peanut butter makes a great cost-effective base for the spread. The addition of almond butter will sweeten the spread, while the addition of cashew butter will create a creamier mixture.

*This recipe makes a 375-gram jar of spread, which includes approximately 15 heaped tablespoon servings per batch.

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By Dominique Scott; @kindprogression

Nutrition & Wellness Expert, PhD in Mental Health, Nutritionist

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