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Eco-conscious school holiday activities

Looking for eco-friendly school holiday activities to enjoy with the kids during the break?

School holidays offer a chance for children to reset, reflect and create new intentions for the year or term ahead. Whilst deciding which school holiday activities are best for your kids, it’s really important to remind yourself that this pause in their regular routine can be used as an opportunity to slow down. School holidays can offer an opportunity to breathe in the beauty of their natural surroundings and connect with one another at a much slower pace.

To get started, here are five of our favourite eco-conscious school holiday activities:

Nature Walks

This school holidays, head out to your local park or bush track and encourage your children to observe the nature that surrounds them – whether that be through collecting different-shaped leaves, spotting the tallest eucalyptus tree or guessing which bird a feather belongs to.

Treasure Hunts

This is a favourite school holiday activity in my house! Choose a destination (beach, park or your own backyard) and make a list of naturally occurring items for your children to look for. You could offer a prize once all items are found. If it’s a rainy day, hide items around the house and write down a list of clues to help your children find them.

Baking or cooking 

Nothing gets kids more interested in food than being part of the process of making it themselves! Sit down and select a recipe together, write a shopping list, head to the grocery store or farmers market to buy the ingredients. Head back home to cook or bake together. Remember, it’s all about the process, not the end result (fingers crossed it tastes yummy, though!)

Hosting a tea party

Set out a teapot, teacups, saucers and milk jug and host a tea party at the dining table. Use chamomile or peppermint instead of black tea. Or, if the weather is sweltering hot, make iced tea. Perhaps serve your freshly baked goods with the tea.


Spend some time together researching different plants, herbs or vegetables and allow your child to decide what they’d like to grow. Work out together if the right growing conditions are available where you live (climate, soil etc). Head to your local nursery to buy the seedling or seeds and suggest your child starts a diary or photo diary to document their gardening journey. 

Looking for more school holiday activities? Check out some of the award-winning kids activities from this year’s Clean + Conscious Awards.

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