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11:11 Lab – Rejuvenating Peptide Night Cream



The 11:11 Lab Rejuvenating Peptide Night Cream promotes natural collagen production to reduce signs of aging, repair, and rejuvenate skin. Suitable for all skin types, it is formulated to accelerate cellular metabolism for faster cell renewal. With therapeutic ingredients such as Rosemary, Olive, Sweet Almond, and Jasmine this night cream reduces pigmentation, evens skin tone, and brightens complexions.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including Bulgarian rose oil, jasmine and sweet almond oils.
11:11 Lab is an Australian brand that supports small Australian businesses throughout the manufacturing, packaging, labelling and promotion of their products. They are also Australian-made and owned and prioritise ethical practices.
11:11 Lab has implemented a number of sustainable packaging initiatives, including the use of a fully recyclable glass bottle, paper honeycomb hex wrap for protection during transport, tissue paper for additional protection and compostable mailers for shipping. The brand is committed to avoiding the use of single-use plastics.
11:11 Lab values authenticity, transparency, inspiration, empowerment, awareness, intention, purpose and connection. Their origin story is based on a breast cancer journey, and they donate 5% of their profits to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The brand focuses on being mindful and conscious of their impact on the world, using glass or lightweight PET bottles and zero plastic when packing orders. They also prioritise building meaningful relationships with customers and creating a sense of community.

Product reviews from our experts…


This is a gorgeous formula which would suit all skin. It’s rich and reparative in all of the best ways, but disappears and absorbs into the skin rapidly. It makes for a beautiful, effective nighttime regimen that I always looked forward to – the scent is divine.

All of the principles that underpin the brand – like authenticity, transparency and purpose – really resonated with mine, and I believe a lot of consumers today feel the same way. They’re tired of tokenism – so that they’re locally owned and made, as well as many other well-rounded considerations for people and the planet should really be commended.

–Amy Starr


I liked the pump, making it easy to use, and the scent. I also love their sustainable packaging, their 100% recyclable bottles and that they have given back to breast cancer awareness.

–Natalie Sellars


Great texture that felt moisturising without feeling greasy on the skin. I was also impressed by the sustainable packaging and donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

–Arjun Sudhir

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