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123 Nourish me – Magic Sprinkles



Organic superfoods, packed with powerful nutrients, cater to picky eaters seeking a daily nutrition boost. Bestowing the magic of health, this jar of goodness is a must-have.

Made from excellent organic ingredients including organic blackberry, acai, cranberry and goji berry.
123 Nourish Me is an ethical brand that uses locally sourced organic and natural ingredients, registers as cruelty-free and prioritises environmental conservation by using 100% recyclable materials when using plastics. They also support local businesses as an Australian Made brand.
123 Nourish Me focuses on sustainability in their packaging and sourcing of ingredients. They package their products in glass or 100% recyclable materials, avoid plastic packaging and use extracts and herbs that are sustainably and abundantly grown and harvested.
123 Nourish Me engages in various social responsibility efforts. They hold a monthly giveaway to support local teams and schools in raising money, donate monthly to Greener Pastures Sanctuary in Waroona and have given 1000 Confidence Oils to Fostering Hope in Wangara during Christmas.

Product reviews from our experts…


My kids’ eyes light up when I bring out the “magic sprinkles” at breakfast time! An exciting addition to porridge, cereal, yoghurt, smoothies and babyccinos, this superfood blend is a wonderful way to sneak nutrition into a fussy child’s diet. The taste is also delicious and I love that it contains such a masterfully-blended mix of power foods including acai, camu camu and chia seeds.

I also admire that this brand sources locally and ethically, operates sustainably and gives back to local communities.

–Emma Freeman


This is a great product that makes it easy for parents to add much needed nutrition to their kids’ food in a fun way. I also like that they use locally sourced organic and natural ingredients and prioritise environmental conservation by using 100% recyclable materials when using plastics.

–Jess Donovan


I love that it contains so many healthy goodies and I was able to disguise it in my daughter’s food. I love the shaker style application and packaging. I also respect how they are using recycled plastics and ingredients that are locally sourced.

–Eljay Esson

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