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123 Nourish me – Sleepy Head Balm



Sleepy Head Balm is an all-natural sleep aid designed for babies, toddlers and kids. This product has received great acclaim from parents due to its effective results.

Formulated from excellent non-toxic, organic ingredients. Includes organic lavender, sandalwood and magnesium.
123 Nourish Me uses locally sourced organic and natural ingredients, does not test on animals, and is registered as a cruelty-free company. The brand is environmentally conscious and avoids packaging in plastic whenever possible, using 100% recyclable material when necessary. They are proudly Australian Made and support local businesses.
123 Nourish Me uses glass packaging whenever possible and 100% recyclable materials otherwise, as well as avoiding plastic packaging. The brand also prioritises the use of extracts and herbs that are grown and harvested sustainably.
123 Nourish Me supports the local community by doing a monthly giveaway to raise money for teams and schools. The brand also donates monthly to Greener Pastures Sanctuary in Waroona and supports Fostering Hope by giving 1000 Confidence Oils during Christmas in Wangara.

Product reviews from our experts…


We absolutely love this product, it glides easily onto my kids temples and wrists and we have been using it every evening before bed – my kids believe it’s a magic potion that gives them sweet dreams! The scent is subtle and not overpowering which is great as it’s on the face and it’s not sticky and rubs in easily.

I love that they don’t test on animals and are cruelty free and also that where possible the company doesn’t use plastic packaging – using 100% recyclable where possible.

–Amy Maree


I love the amazing smell of this balm. It applies easily to the skin and the scent was even still there when my baby woke the next morning. I can tell he is instantly calm and relaxed when we use this balm. It’s great to know that this brand is using recyclable materials and limiting plastic. I also admire the generosity of their donations!

–Claire Karlson


I have been using the sleepy head balm on myself and my five year old. I have been popping it on my wrists and I do actually find it very calming and beautiful because when I am lying there with it on my wrists – I’m able to smell it all night long and so it’s really been nice to help wind me down! I have really enjoyed the sleepy head balm.

–Dee Zibara

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