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Abbies Alchemy – Loveshine


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients, includes lavender oil and rose water.
Loveshine is created by hand in small slow batches by the brand’s founder in her own home in Brunswick Heads NSW. The brand supports Australian businesses wherever possible, by purchasing local ingredients and packaging.
Loveshine was designed around sustainability, utlising one glass 'Forever' bottle designed to refill with a "world famous" Canyon Trigger sprayer (built to last a lifetime). The brand uses hand printed paper labels, Ranpak honeycomb wrapping paper, No Issue brand Product Stamps and Eco Paper Packing Tape. These eco-friendly choices ensure the packaging can be recycled or composted easily. The brand has also switched from vinyl stickers on refill pouches to have them screen printed, which has helped to increase the recyclability of the refill.
Although Abbies Alchemy is very new, they are currently in the process of linking with the 1% for the Planet. The brand hopes their logo can help to show, inform and inspire others to make better choices.

What our experts say...

The packaging of this product was stunning and you can see that there is a lot of love in this business and for these products (the crystals in the bottom of the forever bottle were a sweet touch). It is a product I would consider very giftable. The natural scents were lovely and they had a strong, pleasing scent that just gave off a clean vibe. My bottle came already filled, although the refills are neat and seem like a very easy process. Can’t speak highly enough of the bottle – it is really lovely and the spray function was great.

Abbies Alchemy very much has the feel of a grassroots eco startup that is very much loved. I love the way the brand has engaged local governance (re; the paper shredder) and is taking small but not insignificant steps to make everything about their product more sustainable (i.e. screen-printing the labels).

– Emily Ehlers

I loved this product for cleaning glass and stainless steel. It made my stainless steel surfaces shiny and glass streak free. Being a fairly “clean slate” to the eco lifestyle I did have to google 1% for the planet, which is exactly what Abbies Alchemy is hoping to achieve – by donating 1% of their sales to this organisation and by being able to use the logo they can help bring awareness and help others make better choices. I love that the brand is looking at it like this. I learnt something new today.

– Shannon Welch

I love that I can hear the rattle of rose quartz at the bottom of the bottle as a reminder to bring gratitude and mindfulness into even the most mundane moments of my day. Easily cutting through all the little hand prints over the many windows of our home and leaving them sparkling, Loveshine really does bring some joy with it, as well as a lovely uplifting scent. A really beautiful product.

– Emily Fletcher

So much love has gone into this bottle of moonshine for the kitchen! From the high quality forever glass bottle and sprayer, to the pink tint, the addition of magic crystals and the fun labelling. Loveshine works really well on all surfaces, particularly glass. There are refills available as well. Looks great too so keep it on your bench top for easy reach.

I love the concept of small, slow batches and the use of forever bottles with superior materials.

Corrine Sultana

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