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Absolute Essential – Deep Sleep


Formulated from excellent, Certified Organic essential oils including lavender, chamomile roman and marjoram french.
Absolute Essential only use essential oils created for genuine medicinal purposes and an incredible 99.6% of their range is certified 100% organic. The remaining 0.4% are wild-grown. They work directly with producers to support small-hold, eco-conscious farmers and businesses. Absolute Essential have also applied for B Corp Certification, indicating they are meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.
Absolute Essential reuse plant waste as extraction fuel. They hold a zero waste policy and their packaging comes from 100% renewable, sustainable resources. They have innovated shippers for their products which don't require plastic tape and are in fact edible. They are a multi-award winning company and have been recognised for their commitment to conscious consumption, carbon neutrality and zero-waste initiatives. Including being awarded the Sustainability Award for Natural Health Products in New Zealand for 3 years running for various initiatives.
Absolute Essential develops and supports small-hold, eco-conscious farmers and assists in setting up businesses for them. Their founder volunteers in Philippines orphanages working in health and paediatrics. They organised earthquake relief for Nepal, fundraising to deliver vital supplies to villages and farmers as well as rebuild production facilities. They support their local community and also have been sponsoring children for 25 years via Child Fund.

What our experts say...


A masterfully blended formulation of essential oils that promotes deep sleep and is earthy and grounding. Versatile in its application, I enjoyed applying a few drops to my neck and wrists best. This definitely assisted me with some deep rounds of REM! Wow! This brand truly walks the talk when it comes to being ethical, sustainable and responsible. Mostly I respect their efforts to be fully sustainable from the ground up.

–Emma Freeman


I love the simplicity of providing a pure essential oil as it encourages the user to make their own potions and travel easily. I love the approach to fact informed, measurable and practical sustainability. Absolute essential goes beyond the minimum expectations in the sustainability and humanitarian conversation and is backed by certifications.

–Montana Lower


I love the packaging that this product came in, the box made it feel very special and secure. I love the sweet lavender and chamomile scent of this essential oil, it leaves me feeling very calm and ready for a good nights sleep. This company looks to be very experienced and have lots of knowledge on where and how they source their ingredients. I love that they are all almost 100% organic and that they are a cruelty free brand. I also love all of the support and charity work they do including volunteering at orphanages and health camps, as well as fundraising efforts for those in need. I also think it’s great that their product packaging is sustainable and recyclable.

–Stephanie Kurlow

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