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Acala Stem – Lotus Silk Crown Chakra Yoga Headband


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 50% lotus silk, 50% organic cotton.
Acala Stem empowers single working mothers in Cambodia by providing an opportunity to work from home with their children, earn a good wage and have flexible working conditions. Their textile supplier manufactures from beginning to end, from yarn to finished product with no intermediaries or outside providers, to ensure the quality and ethical practices of all their products. Their lotus silk and lotus silk blends are made by highly skilled and highly valued artisans with generational experience.
Acala Stem’s lotus production process requires no water, gas, oil or electricity making it the most ecological fabric in the world. In addition, they only use natural hemp strings to tie their products, 100% recycled paper for their tags, compostable mailer and DyStar dyes (Certified Oeko-Tex) for their fabrics. Their packaging paper is made from the remaining pieces of lotus stem, ensuring zero waste.
Since Acala Stem’s launch in April 2020, they have helped employ over 60 women in Cambodia to work from home with their children, many of whom are single mothers. In 2020 they rescued an excess of petals from cancelled hotel orders creating an award winning bath tea, adding value and reducing waste. Acala Stem has donated back over 350 of their own lotus face masks to The Salvation Army Australia and St Kilda Mums, giving back to the community. They sponsor local events by donating prizes and their office is part of a B-corp certified working space. The brand also educates the broader community about why buying ethical brands is so important.

What our experts say...


This beautiful yoga headband is incredibly soft and luxurious and does a fantastic job of keeping my hair from falling onto my face whilst moving through asanas. A divine addition to the self care ritual of yoga. “An incredible amount of heart, soul and intention goes into running this business. The entire process of production – from the way in which the lotus stems are picked, to the way in which no water, oil or electricity is needed, to the fact that Cambodian mothers are supported and empowered through the supply chain, is all incredibly impressive.

–Emma Freeman


Acala Stem makes the most beautiful and meaningful products. This headband is soft, comfortable and goes with any outfit. I love the heart behind this business and the quality of their products. Acala Stem have thought about the impact of their business and products from start to finish. I appreciate how thorough they are with all that they do. I particularly resonate with their ability to employ and provide work for so many women (and single mothers).

–Melissa Mai


This beautiful headband feels special from the moment one opens the hand sewn, recycled paper pouch it arrives in. The fabric is delicate, soft and light to touch, forming a headband which is a joy to wear during my practise. I really value the symbolic nature of wearing lotus at my crown chakra. Acala Stem is a true leader when it comes to social responsibility in both their support of their local and global community.

–Emily Fletcher

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