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Acala Stem – Pure Lotus Eye Pillow


Gold + Editor's Choice
Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Woven organic raw lotus stem, organic cotton, flaxseed filling.
Acala Stem uses organic and non-toxic materials and has a strong partnership with a textile social enterprise in Cambodia, which they have personally visited. The textile mill empowers women by providing the opportunity to work from home with their children, avoid long travel times, earn a good wage, have flexible working conditions, and provide a path to financial independence. The brand's valued textile supplier manufactures from beginning to end, from yarn to finished product with no intermediaries or outside providers, to ensure the quality and ethical practices of all their products. Acala Stem sources their packaging (boxes, cylinders, etc.) from a reputable marketing company in Australia who has first hand knowledge of their manufacturers and where the products are coming from.
Acala Stem’s lotus stem production process requires no water, gas, oil or electricity to produce, making it the most ecological fabric in the world. In addition, the brand only uses natural hemp strings to tie their products, 100% recycled paper for their tags, compostable mailer and DyStar dyes (Certified Oeko-Tex; contain no heavy metals) for their fabrics. Their packaging paper is made from the remaining pieces of lotus stem, ensuring zero waste. In addition, the brand makes scrunchies and fabric bookmarks from off cuts of their fabric.
Since Acala Stem’s launch in April 2020, they have helped employ over 60 women in Cambodia to work from home with their children. Many of these women are single mothers, just like the founder of Acala Stem. The brand aims to employ 500 seamstresses in Cambodia by 2025, to be able to work from home and keep their children at home. Acala Stem has donated back just over 350 of their own lotus face masks to The Salvation Army Australia and St Kilda Mums, which is over $14,000 in retail value having gone back into the community. They invested their own funding into clinical testing of their fabric and face masks to ensure health and safety and regularly volunteer at Fareshare kitchen in Melbourne. The brand also educates the broader community, through their social media accounts, about why buying ethical brands is so important and provide a raw, realistic insight into the effects of poverty from fast fashion.

What our experts say...

This is the most beautiful eye pillow I have ever seen and felt. There are so many things I love about it – stunning, ethical packaging, and it is made with the softest pure lotus fabric. The cover is also removable so it can be washed which I haven’t had with other eye pillows I’ve used. This means the product will last opposed to having to replace it when it gets dirty or oily.

This product has been created from this woman’s heart and it is felt. I resonate with the multi-layered purpose of her business. It is very inspiring to read the difference she is making to mothers in cambodia.

– Melissa Mai

As I place this beautiful pure lotus eye pillow over my eyes in relaxation, my mind is drawn to what the lotus represents in yoga. Rooted in the mud, the lotus blossoms above water symbolising emergence from darkness, the unfolding of what is divine within you and enlightenment. It is very powerful symbolism whose message is further strengthened by the other worldly silky and fine natural fabric against my skin. Exquisitely made and presented, this is the ultimate in self care and luxe savasana.

I love that Acala Stem was established to support mothers in Cambodia to be able to work from home, rather than having to travel long distances for work and put their children in unregulated long term childcare centres/ orphanages.

–Emily Fletcher

Every now and then, an Awards finalist product takes my breath away. An incredible amount of heart, soul and thought has gone into the production of this beautiful eye pillow. Woven on the loom with pure lotus silk and organic cotton, the pillow is so soft it’s like clutching a cloud between my palms and placing it over my eyes. A divine and truly grounding addition to any yoga savasana practice. And it is so beautifully presented in the box that it arrives in.

The entire process of production – from the way in which the lotus stems are picked, to the way in which no water, oil or electricity is needed, to the fact that Cambodian mothers are supported and empowered through the supply chain, is all very impressive.

–Emma Freeman

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