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Activated Eco – Stainless Steel Sock Hanger


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Activated Eco is currently working on becoming B-Corp certified. The brand’s Sock Hangers are made in China, with multiple visits made to the factories to ensure safe working practices and no child labour.
All Activated Eco packaging is recyclable, contains no plastic and their mailing satchels and postage labels are compostable. Other than the printing of their compostable postage labels, the entire office is paperless. The brand’s Stainless Steel products are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.
Activated Eco donates to small charities and has donated 150,000 stainless steel pegs to Port Macquarie Rotary Club for their world record attempt "longest clothesline of socks", which took place in 2021.

What our experts say...

This little sock hanger made me smile with its jingle-y jangle-y nature. I liked the fact that I could “load it up” with socks inside, before making my way out to the washing line in the hot sun where it can be a fiddly, tedious process (with some swear words and burnt feet). The pegs themselves felt really sturdy. My rambunctious 4 year old got to it before I could stop him and somewhat unhooked the actual hanging system and I was worried it was broken, but it was very easy and intuitive to put back together.

All the brand’s considerations are good and the fact that they have visited their associated factory in China is a plus. I obviously like the local charity initiative too.

– Emily Ehlers

I love that this product is sturdy and easy to use, with lots of pegs for a full load of socks and undies. I like that the pegs are spread at a good distance from each other to allow for quick drying and the product is also easy to store when not in use. Plastic pegs only last about a year in my experience in the Western Australia heat, so I love that they have bought a quality and recyclable product to the market.

– Shannon Welch

So fantastic that I can’t imagine living without one again. This makes hanging up the socks, undies and any young children’s small garments so easy and they dry so well. It’s also really quick to match socks to put away. I love that this hanger is made from marine grade stainless steel and it is so sturdy, strong and well made that it’s going to truly last a very long time.

– Emily Fletcher

As someone who has never used a designated sock hanger before, this has been a brand-new experience! My kids (both under 6) love hanging their socks on it and it has created an opportunity for us to discuss how plastic pegs break easily and end up in the ocean and landfill. I really appreciate that this brand uses zero plastic for their packaging.

– Emma Freeman

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