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Activated Eco – Stainless Steel Two Layer Lunch Box


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 18/8 (304) food grade stainless steel and FDA approved BPA-free silicone seal.
Activated Eco is currently working on becoming B-Corp certified. The brand’s Lunch Boxes are made in China, after the brand met with the owners to ensure safe working practices and fair work/wages.
All Activated Eco packaging is recyclable, contains no plastic and their mailing satchels and postage labels are compostable. Other than the printing of their compostable postage labels, the entire office is paperless. The brand’s Stainless Steel products are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.
Activated Eco donates to small charities and has donated 150,000 stainless steel pegs to Port Macquarie Rotary Club for their world record attempt "longest clothesline of socks", which took place in 2021.

What our experts say...

The Activated Eco Two Layered Lunchbox is the all rounder perfect lunchbox. It is practical, light, easy to use and the sealing on the lid ensures it will not spill any of the contents inside. The stainless steel material that the lunchbox is made from means that it is sturdy, easy to clean and long lasting – definitely worth the investment!

– Lille Madden

As someone who takes lunches to work, I am very grateful for such a beautifully made stylish lunch box. It’s refreshing to have an area which is actually leak proof as this is very rare in a stainless steel lunchbox. I love that I can pop a fruit salad in the top and my sandwich in the bottom and put it all straight into my work handbag, without fear of leaks or needing to pop it into a lunch bag first. Sturdily made from high quality stainless steel, this gorgeous lunchbox will be with me for years and years.

– Emily Fletcher

A wonderful, sturdy lunch box that I can see lasting a lifetime. Having two layers is super useful – perfect for combining sandwiches and snacks. My 5 year old can open and close it easily, meaning it also works well as a kids lunchbox. I appreciate that it arrived in a compostable satchel.

–Emma Freeman

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