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AEOS – Refreshing Hydrating Mist


Silver + Editor's Choice
Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes witch hazel, rose and lemon balm extracts.
Made in England, AEOS grow and harvest as much as they can over their 500-acre Demeter-certified biodynamic farm for use in their products. AEOS create their formulations using vegan ingredients and are animal cruelty-free.
AEOS are committed to planting as many trees as possible - and recently planted an additional 15,000 trees on their farm. They have reduced packaging and are using off-the-grid solar power.
Where AEOS can’t grow and harvest their own ingredients on the Shire Farm, they source ingredients from exceptional organic and biodynamic farms across the world in a bid to support other growers and farmers in the wider community.

What our experts say...

I love the look of this product – its packaging alone had me sold! Unique, stylish and luxurious. The brand utilises solar power, which is a big win in my book! The brand is clearly forward-thinking in its production processes.

– Hannah Gay

Love the sleek minimalist packaging, which sings out ‘use me’. The infusion of crystals makes using this toner a truly energetic experience. Perfect for your skincare routine or throughout the day to freshen up the skin. Witch hazel is a star ingredient, making this face mist a multitasker for setting your makeup. I even spray this at the base of my neck to uplift and cleanse my spirits. Next level eco-luxe and I’m all for skincare with benefits. Love the commitment to sustainability, purity of ingredients and the pledge to only sourcing the best of vegan ingredients in every product. They have such a thorough holistic process.

–Amy Hughes

A spritz of this uplifting, subtly scented mist leaves my mind refreshed and my skin feeling cooled, soothed and hydrated. I love that is made from organic and biodynamic ingredients (which are organic and then have to pass even stricter protocols!) which are sourced as much as possible from the company’s own farm.

–Emily Fletcher

I love that this beautiful face mist has been infused with crystal essences of opal, amethyst, quartz and others. The scent is calming and soothing and contains lavender, sweet orange, rose and more. I’ve been applying both before serums/face oil/moisturiser and after applying makeup. I’m impressed that AEOS grow and harvest some of their ingredients on their own biodynamic farm.

–Emma Freeman

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