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AEOS – Youthful Boost Face Cream


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic organic ingredients. Includes organic argan, rosehip, arnica and juniper oils.
Made in England, AEOS grow and harvest as much as they can over their 500-acre Demeter-certified biodynamic farm for use in their products. AEOS create their formulations using vegan ingredients and are animal cruelty-free.
AEOS are committed to planting as many trees as possible - and recently planted an additional 15,000 trees on their farm. They have reduced packaging and are using off-the-grid solar power.
Where AEOS can’t grow and harvest their own ingredients on the Shire Farm, they source ingredients from exceptional organic and biodynamic farms across the world in a bid to support other growers and farmers in the wider community.

What our experts say...

The creme texture feels somehow both rich and lightweight on the skin. It’s nourishing, hydrating and reparative without any stickiness or residue left behind – great if you like a rich moisturiser but don’t have dry skin. The lovely scent makes it a real sensorial joy to use, too. By harvesting many of the ingredients themselves, AEOS is clearly prioritising ingredient quality and responsible sourcing, which is so impressive. Their commitment to planting trees is a lovely relevant connection to the products and so commendable.

–Amy Starr

The AEOS Youth Boost Face Cream absorbs very well into the skin leaving it feeling hydrated without it feeling sticky. This would be a particularly good face cream for people who don’t like the feeling of anything on their skin but still want the skincare benefits of a moisturiser. I love that this brand grows as much as they can on their own farm and then source any extras from similar farms around the world. I really appreciate brands who champion regenerative and responsible farming practices.

–Ash Quinn

I love that this brand incorporates alchemy into their skincare formulations (by way of spagyric essences – liquid gems and crystals). This lovely night cream is the perfect weight for me – neither too heavy, nor too light. It is absorbed by the skin easily and I awaken the next day with very soft, smooth skin. Works well with serums and face oils, too. I’m impressed that AEOS grow and harvest ingredients on their own biodynamic farm.

–Emma Freeman

I love how lightweight and well absorbed this cream is. It brings intense hydration, however isn’t too heavy, even for combination skins overnight. I really appreciate that all the incredible powerhouse ingredients in this formulation are organic.

–Emily Fletcher

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