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Agents of Nature – Turkey Tail Liquid Extract


Made from excellent ingredients. 100% organic Turkey Tail mushroom extract.
Agents of Nature’s products are manufactured in Australia using only 100% Australian grown/made organic ingredients. Products are small batch processed to keep production manageable by the small team. The brand only partners with other Australian owned businesses and buys all their packaging and supplies within Australia.
Agents of Nature packaging is 90% biodegradable and compostable. The brand reuses materials wherever they can, such as re-purposing ground coffee beans to grow mushrooms using artisanal processes. In addition, they are introducing a recycle program where local customers can return their empty bottles for refill/exchange at a reduced price. Agents of nature support regenerative farming practices that are used to increase biodiversity and eliminate the use of pesticides/chemicals, as well as ensure nutrient recycling, rain water harvesting and growing plot rotations.
Agents of Nature supports charity lead organisations through participation at farmers markets where charities and local communities are beneficiaries.

What our experts say...


This is my first time trying medicinal mushroom tincture (my partner has been using them for years) and I wasn’t disappointed. I started off with a small amount and worked my way up to the full dropper’s worth, introducing the medicine slowly to my body. The dropper is super easy to use and I found the taste worked well with my morning cuppa. The health benefits of Turkey Tail are quite phenomenal – increasing good bacteria in the gut and supporting a healthy immune system. I look forward to the long term results! I love that ingredients are 100% organic and grown in Australia using regenerative farming practices.

–Emma Freeman


I have loved this mushroom extract ever since coming across the Agents of Nature range at a local WA market over a year ago. Having experienced both improved digestion and strengthened immunity from taking the Turkey Tail daily – this product is a perfect example of the healing powers of nature. I love that this Australian owned and operated brand supports local businesses, utilises regenerative farming practices and is introducing a recycling program for their bottles.

–Dominique Scott


I absolutely love that this company uses old coffee grounds to grow their mushrooms and have a local refill option- so cool- as well as following regenerative farming practices which are 100%Aussie grown and made. I really love that keeping it local, organic and regenerative is so important to this company. I see these values of the highest importance and I would always endeavour to support a company who does too.

–Jade Woodd

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