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Agreena – Agreena 3 in 1 wraps


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% Platinum Food grade silicone.
Agreena conducts annual ethical audits which ensure that all aspects of their production meets International Standards and Best-In-Class Protocol. The audits cover 1) Hygiene, health and safety, 2) Waste management, 3) Child and young labor, 4) Labor practices, including forced labor, worker representation, disciplinary practices and discriminatio and 5) Working hours and wages.
Agreena meets sustainability expectations by creating a durable reusable product that replaces the need for all single-use food films. They also ensure compliance with all regulatory bodies regarding the sustainable acquisition and use of all of their paper and packaging materials. The brand contributes to a carbon emissions offset program and offers a unique recycling option for the disposal of damaged and unusable silicone products.
Agreena provides full transparency and disclosure of their products manufacturing processes and product testing results. Money from every wrap sold goes to support the eco-education of young minds and the efforts of green armies doing their best to clean up and campaign for positive environmental change. The brand is also involved in fundraising efforts.

What our experts say...

I like that these silicone sheets are suitable for use in the oven (up to 220°C), making them suitable for baking as well as replacing plastic food wrap. The company has also set up a ‘return to recycle’ scheme for damaged or unwanted sheets, so that they can be properly recycled rather than thrown away (silicone recycling is not widely available). I like that the brand is thorough in their approach to all aspects of the business, from ethical manufacturing to choosing appropriate packaging, to testing their products.

– Lindsay Miles

I absolutely loved the versatility of this product – especially being able to wrap a sandwich! The brand is conscious of all ethical considerations and end of life recycling and has a great personal story.

– Jacqui Scruby

I like the product’s versatility: how the sheets can be used as baking paper, plastic wrap and aluminium foil is genius – especially foil as I previously hadn’t seen a greener alternative that isn’t foil. Agreena doesn’t just save on waste, it saves on clutter in your kitchen drawers. The product promotes reuse over purchasing new items to reduce waste.

Laura Trotta

Cling wrap has been such a hard one in our house to replace as my husband wants something which looks exactly like it to replace it. Agreena has, much to my delight, succeeded in completely kicking cling wrap to the curb. This is a product which gets easier the more you use it. Agreena is also so much better – stronger, higher quality, available in more sizes and ‘stickier’ than the other similar versions I have tried. Highly recommended. 

–Emily Fletcher

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