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Alyssum Alchemy – Earth Song Anointing Parfum



Earth Song is an artisanal organic perfume, created with botanical ingredients. It boasts a fusion of yuzu, ginger, vanilla, clove, rose and orange blossom notes, culminating in a captivating blend of vetiver, myrrh and Australian desert timbers for a long-lasting fragrance.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients.
Alyssum Alchemy is a brand committed to creating organic and ethical luxury products called Sacred Intentional Tools. The brand's philosophy is to support customers on their self-care journey while respecting the planet and its inhabitants. Alyssum Alchemy sources pure, natural, ethical and active ingredients, infused with healing vibrations and poured into the highest quality recyclable packaging. The brand partners with high-standard local businesses that pursue ethical procurement. The products are vegan, palm-free, and cruelty-free and the ingredients and packaging are handcrafted in-house in the South Coast of NSW. The brand banks with Australian Mutual Bank, an Ethical bank alternative that invests members’ funds responsibly and ethically.
Alyssum Alchemy is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by using locally sourced and organic ingredients where possible, minimizing packaging and postage miles and recycling and reusing packaging materials. The brand offers a Good Karma Bottle Exchange program where customers can return undamaged empty bottles for sterilization and reuse and receive a gift card in return. Alyssum Alchemy partners only with local businesses employing sustainable practices and uses 100% recycled materials for packaging and promotional materials.
Alyssum Alchemy prioritises supporting the local industry by producing everything from packaging to recycled cardboard boxes within Australia, which is a rarity among similar brands that often manufacture packaging in China. The brand uses organic and wildcrafted native botanicals in its products to celebrate the biodiversity of the Australian bush while creating employment and industry opportunities for local Aboriginal communities. The brand encourages customers to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and connection to self, which extends to their community and environment.

Product reviews from our experts…


The Earth Song perfume oil from Alyssum Alchemy smells exactly what I would imagine the song (or scent) of the earth to be – a harmonic blend of sweet, spicy and woody.

It’s great that the brand manufactures everything locally, ethically and sustainably, but I especially love the addition of banking with an ethical bank – this is a step that may seem minimal but has far-reaching beneficial consequences for social and environmental responsibility.

–Kelley Sheenan


The scent is totally earthy and divine, as with many such products I do find them quite strong and sweet when I apply it but it does settle in nicely very soon after.

It isn’t easy to source quality, ethical ingredients so this is in itself a very impressive choice. I am always inspired to see brands taking this seriously.

–Alena Turley


I love the practical roll on bottle, which is sweet and quite discreet. The fragrance is amazing and stays for a long time, but is not overpowering. I also love the sound of the Karma bottle program as part of the end-of-use cycle.

–Ria Andriani

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