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Amazonia – Raw Nutrients Greens Powder


Made from excellent, mostly Certified organic ingredients including 9 sources of alkaline, chlorophyll-rich green ingredients and 74 trace minerals.
Amazonia manufactures their products in Australia. They ensure their partners and partnering organisations express their own commitment to the same values as they have. Partner companies must show proof of regular audits for fair trade and responsible supply chains and recruitment policies, including collecting employee documentation for proof of age and work eligibility.
Amazonia has just transitioned into a new purpose-built facility in Arundel, QLD that’s targeting a 5 Star Green Star Design and As-Built rating with Green Building Council of Australia. A minimum 80% of all waste produced during construction will be re-used or recycled. The brand also has extensive goals to reach by 2025, including reducing their Carbon Footprint by 25%. Amazonia sources the Raw Nutrients Greens ingredients from the Australian-owned Phyto Therapy, the world’s first fully Certified Carbon Neutral ingredient supplier, who are also working towards becoming a certified B Corporation.
Amazonia’s mission is to sustainably nourish people and protect our natural planet, working towards UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 3 & 12. The brand participated in OzHarvest’s ‘Cooking for a Cause’ program 2021.

What our experts say...


Amazonia’s Raw Nutrient Greens is made up of an impressive list of organic, nutrient packed superfoods that are associated with energy support, detoxification assistance, skin health and anti-aging. The fine, vibrant green plant-based powder is sweet to taste and can easily be added to a glass of water or smoothie for your daily nutrition boost. I love that Amazonia considers the environment throughout their operations. For example, the brand sources their ingredients for the Raw Nutrients Greens from an Australian-owned, carbon neutral supplier. Importantly, they continue to have clear goals for ways to further nourish people and protect our planet moving forward.

–Dominique Scott


I’ve struggled in the past to find super greens drinks that I actually like the taste of, but the natural mint and vanilla flavour of this makes it quite delicious. Packed with a whole host of nutrients that alkalise and detox, I’ve become a little obsessed with this whilst trialling it! I will continue to use it for sure. Amazonia is really setting a gold standard when it comes to social responsibility. I also appreciate that ingredients are certified organic.

–Emma Freeman


I like to mix it with other things. I love that Amazonia place a huge priority on health and working to be sustainable.

–Hannah Edwards

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