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Aotearoad – Natural Deodorant Zesty Bergamot + Lime



This vegan, aluminium-free deodorant uses essential oils, coconut oil, magnesium and bicarbonate soda to neutralize odour and provide all-day protection. It is paraben-free and made with mineral and plant-based ingredients for long-lasting freshness.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients.
Aotearoad is a brand that prides itself on ethical practices. All their products are made in New Zealand and they ensure that they source the best quality ingredients that do not involve child labour. The brand pays careful attention to their supply chain and chooses not to use Mica, an ingredient that is often sourced from illegal markets involving child labour, particularly in India. The brand makes conscious choices and avoids using ingredients they have doubts about.
Aotearoad offers high-quality and affordable beauty products that are FSC certified, 100% recyclable, 100% compostable and contain no plastic. Their waterless formulas have high concentrations of active ingredients, allowing their products to last three times longer than competitors on average. The brand's target market is well-researched and values the environment, aiming to drive sustainable outcomes for future generations. Their products have been tested and approved by wellness advocates.
Aotearoad donates 5 cents to the Royal Albatross Centre for every product sold. The brand has also started planting trees with Trees That Count since 2022 and makes an annual donation of $5,000 towards sustainable fisheries. Aotearoad is a member of Sustainable Business Network and is applying for certification with WEConnect as a 100% women-owned brand.

Product reviews from our experts…


I like that it has a lid and the paper container is easy to use. I also love the citrus/ lime smell – it smells fresh. I like that the product is quite large so it will last a while as well. I also love that this brand is 100% female owned and that it’s produced in NZ with quality products.

–Lucy Cousins


I love the zesty scent and concentration of ingredients for long-lasting protection. I’m also impressed by their care when it comes to supply chain as well as their sustainable packaging.

–Sarah Berry


I like the cute brand name and really love the zestiness of this deodorant. I can testify that it lasts all day long. At last, a company loves the albatross as much as me!

–Ria Andriani

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