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Apia Honey – Organic Jarrah Honey TA 35+


Made from excellent ingredients. 100% raw and organic jarrah honey.
Apia Honey products are 100% made in the south west region of Western Australia, employing and purchasing honey and beeswax from local beekeepers in regional WA. The brand harvests the honey in an ethical and sustainable way not harming the bees and only taking the minimum needed, ensuring as much as possible is left in the frame/hives for the bees. In addition, no pesticides are used as the brand is organically certified.
Apia honey ensures their honey is packaged in 100% rPET jars and that their postal shipping boxes are made out of recycled paper, with recycled and FSC certified paper material being used to protect the products themselves. The brand’s future skincare products will be packaged into sugar cane/rPET tubes.
Apia Honey’s packaging choices mean they take plastic from landfill and oceans and repurpose it, therefore removing plastic from the cycle. The brand also plants a tree for every product sold, in order to regenerate the supply of trees.

What our experts say...


I love the malty, almost toffee-like flavour of this delicious honey. With incredibly high levels of antimicrobial activity, this is a wonderful weapon against microorganisms (bad bacteria, mold) in the gut. I just love that the bees forage on eucalyptus trees named ‘Jarrah Trees’ in one of the most remote and protected bee environments in the world. I love that great care has gone into sourcing this honey ethically and sustainably, at the same time as supporting local beekeepers.

–Emma Freeman


The raw, organic Jarrah honey is both antibacterial and antiviral in nature due to its impressive level of antimicrobial activity. This jar of golden goodness is wonderfully drippy and full flavoured, making it the perfect sweet and health promoting addition to your daily routine.
It is fantastic to learn the safety of the bees are considered in the collection of the honey and there is always enough left in the hives/frames to sustain the colony. The brand’s dedication to ‘bee health’ is further demonstrated by their commitment to planting one tree for every product sold.

–Dominique Scott


I loved the taste first off (such a yummy honey!)- and the branding is wonderful, very Australian feel (and love the jarrah coloured label). The honey is gorgeous and so delicious, and I loved reading on the label how many bottles created this jar. Ethical honey is so important and I love that they ensure their honey is both local and spray free. Using glass is wonderful, but I do understand glass is expensive to ship and think it’s great that they offer transparency of the plastic bottles used to make the jar.

–Jade Woodd

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