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Arithmos – SOOTHE Superfine Body Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. 99% organic. Includes organic frankincense, geranium, rosehip and jojoba oils.
Arithmos products are formulated and manufactured in Australia by founder and certified cosmetic chemist Michelle Wang. Arithmos’ certified vegan and cruelty free products are formulated with plant-based oils, of which 99% of the ingredients are certified organic. The brand abstains from using any synthetic ingredients such as parabens, artificial fragrances, petroleum jelly or polymers. CoAs of the ingredients used are obtained for each batch purchase to ensure the quality of the ingredients. Arithmos selects their reputable, local suppliers through a rigorous selection criterion, assessing ethical practices, quality assurance, traceability and transparency. Suppliers also need to perform batch to batch Quality Control processes to ensure the quality of the ingredients. The suppliers and ingredients used must be certified cruelty free and vegan friendly. Arithmos products are only tested on the founder’s friends and family.
Arithmos chooses ingredients that are sustainably harvested and ethically sourced through the guarantee from their suppliers. Products are produced in small batches to ensure only what's needed are being produced with no product wastes. This also ensures the customers are getting the freshest product possible, not a bottle that's been sitting on a shelf for months. Micro-batch production significantly reduces the waste from ingredients, packaging, production and transportation. Arithmos products are manufactured at Michelle's (the founder) home studio from ingredients blending to packaging. The packaging of the products are all recyclable (glass bottle, lid, cartons, kraft paper mailer box, and crinkle paper) with a mailer bag that is biodegradable. The brand also reuses packaging material from their suppliers, e.g. shipping box and packaging peanuts, are re-used for wholesale shipment.
Arithmos only started this year, however two donations have been confirmed. This first is contributing to care packages for Lort Smith Animal Hospital staff, where staff were burned out, experiencing compassion fatigue and high stress levels. Arithmos is donating 50 products to contribute towards the care packages for the hospital staff. The second is Give a Girl a Dream fund, where donations of Arithmos products are provided for silent auction. Several other donation discussions are in the pipeline to support their local community and charity bodies, e.g. Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer Council.

What our experts say...

A beautiful, luxurious body oil made with a calming, heavenly combination of rose and geranium. Nice and lightweight, I find this oil works well when applied to damp, slightly wet skin. The glass bottle is divine and looks beautiful on my bathroom shelf. I really appreciate that this product is produced in micro-batches and that, despite being only 4 months old, the brand makes a huge effort to be socially responsible.

– Emma Freeman

Hands-down my favourite, I loved the subtlety of the scent, the luxuriousness of the feel and the lightness on my skin, as well as the beautiful branding. Who says conscious beauty can’t also be opulent? Locally made and sourced, I like that Arithmos use 99 percent organic ingredients and no synthetic ingredients.

– Sarah Berry

This product feels really luxurious. The oil is very “light” and doesn’t feel heavy or oily on the skin, and the rose geranium smell is subtle. It soaked in quickly and left my skin feeling silky. I really love that the products are sourced from Australia, and I love that the packaging (which is super sleek and attractive) is recyclable or biodegradable. Plus I love that even though the company is still young, there has already been two donations to charities I support.

– Lucy E Cousins

As this gorgeous ultra moisturising oil absorbs deeply into my skin, not only does it make my skin soft and smooth but I find myself relaxing in both body and mind from its divine scent. Perfect for self care in this year of uncertainty. I also love that it absorbs fully and doesn’t leave any greasy film.

– Emily Fletcher

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