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Athella Tea – Chai Collagen Latte



This brew is infused with Athella collagen for a healthy glow from within. Bursting with sweetness and flavours, it promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. Suitable for any time of day.

Made from excellent clean ingredients including traditional chai herbs and spices and collagen.
Athella Tea sources 95% of its organic herbs from plantations in Sri Lanka, India and Australia that promote sustainable and regenerative farming practices, with a focus on fair trade certification. The brand partners with local growers to support bio-regional supply chains, reduce carbon footprints and promote biodiversity. Its chai tea is made without artificial or GMO ingredients and its bovine collagen is of the highest quality with full traceability and documentation. Athella Tea is committed to maintaining these ethical practices to create a product that supports livelihoods and promotes quality, consistency and sustainability in the long term.
Athella Tea has adopted sustainable packaging for their tea products by switching from pouches to boxes, with NatureFlex inner packaging that is compostable. The teabags themselves are also compostable and made from plant-based materials, with no staples, tags, or strings. The brand also repurposes their cardboard boxes and inner packaging for wholesale orders and uses biodegradable materials for filling. Athella Tea is striving to become B Corp certified and partners with like-minded companies for a transparent and mindful shopping experience.
Athella Tea donated a portion of its profits to various local and national charities in 2022, including Lismore Flood Relief and Movember, among others. The brand is continuing its charitable efforts this year and has also sponsored a child in remote Australian communities with Red Dust Circle. Additionally, Athella Tea has partnered with the Green Friday Initiative to promote mindful consumerism and has created a tea and chat space for the local community.

Product reviews from our experts…


This chai blend is sweet and comforting – it stirs easily into hot milk and has a mild spice flavour. The chai powder has been infused with bovine collagen, giving it a unique health boost.

I’m really impressed with this brand’s efforts to source ethically from regenerative farms in Sri Lanka. I also appreciate their commitment to sustainable packaging (although I haven’t experienced this first-hand as I was sent sample packets) and to give back to society.

–Emma Freeman


It is hard not to love this creamy and well-balanced spice blend that also promotes healthy hair, skin & nails! I am grateful that this collagen latte is not only delicious but also caffeine free, as one of my favourite winter self-love rituals is having an evening chai by the fire.

It is great to see a tea brand that is utilising sustainable packaging for their tea products, such as boxes rather than pouches and NatureFlex inner packaging that is compostable. I also respect that Athella Tea is striving to become B Corp certified – Bravo!

–Dominique Scott


Omg I love this whole concept as I am a Chai Fan and also a Collagen addict! So it is a dream made in heaven. Super convenient way of making a delicious Chai at home with the added health benefits.

I love that the packaging is compostable and also that they donate money to various charities and promote mindful consumerism….very much needed!

–Fiona Noonan

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