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Australian Natural Soap Company – Australian Bush Range



The Australian Bush Range Gift Pack features native Australian bush plants and essential oils. Inspired by the traditional knowledge of First Nations Peoples, it pays respects to the Aboriginal people who have cared for the country for centuries.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients including saponified olive oil with natural essential oils.
The Australian Natural Soap Company's Australian Bush Range is a reflection of their commitment to ethical practices and sustainability. The ingredients used are responsibly sourced, certified palm oil free, vegan and cruelty-free. The packaging is biodegradable, curbside recyclable, and compostable. The Australian Bush Range Gift Pack features artwork by Indigenous artist Daphne Marks, with a percentage of sales supporting Daphne Marks and the Ikuntji Art Centre. The brand prioritises cultural sensitivity, respect and economic empowerment by collaborating with Indigenous artists and supporting the local Indigenous community.
Australian Natural Soap Company is committed to sustainability, using natural and gentle ingredients sourced locally in Australia.. The soap bars are packaged in biodegradable packaging made from DFA certified virgin pulp fibres and printed with vegetable inks. The brand promotes sustainability by sharing tips and resources on their website and social media.
Australian Natural Soap Company is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and society. They donate 3% of each online sale to The Orangutan Project to support the conservation of rainforest-dwelling animals, avoid the use of palm oil, collaborate with First Nations People to use Australian native plants and donate products to vulnerable communities across Australia. Soap is the foundation of good health, and their mission is to provide essential personal care and hygiene products to everyone.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that it is celebrating Australia and using natural bush ingredients whilst also giving back. It’s also a beautiful range that is very different to other soaps on the market.

The donations and commitment to the Orangutan Project, focus on ingredients and certifications around ingredients makes The ANSC an example of a very good business and brand.

–Julie Mathers


The smells were wonderful, the look of the soaps and packaging were beautiful and I love that it has a commercial appeal which could inspire a broad audience to give soap bars a go. All while honouring the art and wisdom of our First Nations People.

I’m impressed that this product is gentle on the environment and both the product and brand supports First Nations people while also creating awareness and respect.

–Amanda Jason


I love the inclusion of Australian native plant products into these soaps and the Indigenous designs on the boxes. These soaps would make a perfect gift! The soaps are of very high quality and are nourishing to the skin. I especially like the gentle exfoliation provided by the Wattleseed soap.

I’m impressed that the brand supports The Orangutan Project and collaborates with First Nations People to use Australian native plants.

–Laura Trotta

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