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Australian Natural Soap Company – Sensitive Skin Cleanser – Zinc (Calamine)



This soap is designed for sensitive skin types. It contains natural oils and Zinc that alleviate dryness, irritation and flakiness. It is made with the potent benefits of Australian flora and effectively calms the skin, prevents flare-ups and improves complexion. Fragrance-free, yet delicately scented.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients. Simply zinc oxide, castor and olive oils.
Australian Natural Soap Company uses natural and gentle 100% plant-based ingredients that are sourced in Australia. Their beauty bars are packaged in biodegradable packaging made from DFA certified virgin pulp fibres, which is home compostable or kerbside recyclable. They are certified palm oil-free, cruelty-free and vegan.
The brand has created a single-use skincare product that reduces plastic consumption, waste, and the use of toxic chemicals while also saving water and supporting ethical approaches and local sourcing. The soap is made entirely from plant-based ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals and toxins. The packaging is designed to reduce waste, with a plastic-free box that can be composted. The concentrated formula also saves water, as users can add water themselves. The brand is also committed to educating and inspiring its community to make more sustainable choices.
Australian Natural Soap Company is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and society. They donate 3% of each online sale to The Orangutan Project to support the conservation of rainforest-dwelling animals, avoid the use of palm oil, collaborate with First Nations People to use Australian native plants and donate products to vulnerable communities across Australia. Soap is the foundation of good health, and their mission is to provide essential personal care and hygiene products to everyone.

Product reviews from our experts…


You’ll find none of the bells and whistles so common in beauty products here. Yet it’s often the inconspicuous workhorses that are the saviours of our skincare routine, aren’t they? This straightforward, three-ingredient bar delivers a truly effective yet very gentle cleanser for anyone with compromised skin. And it lives up to its ethical, sustainable credentials. Even with just three ingredients – olive oil, castor oil and zinc – it yields creamy, scent-free suds that remove dirt, makeup and pollution from the day without stripping the skin. Using it daily my complexion was never taut and/or shiny after use, never tingly and never red. Because it’s made with a cold-press method as well (the gold standard), the soaps can contain a really high level of oils, which moisturise the skin beautifully!

They have thought about their impact on the planet and communities from start to finish. It truly is a zero-waste product (even the ink on the paper carton is a vegetable), they are not only free from the usual nasties you find in bars of soap available at your regular shops, they are certified palm-oil free and they partner with a charity that aides Orangutan populations. The brand is doing the work to leave as small an impact as possible! They have a bulk-buying program, you can buy soap off cuts, they also do refills in recyclable metal containers on the products that aren’t solid. Overall the brand walks the walk. It is really lovely to see a small brand leading the way. Also they pay fair royalties to their Ikuntji artist Daphne Marks!

–Jessica Teas


This is a wonderful product especially if you are trying to really reduce your waste as it comes in a bar form so there is no component that needs recycling. It does a nice job of cleansing without irritating my sensitive skin! I also love that this brand has such minimal packaging and uses locally sourced ingredients.

–Ash Quinn


This is a great cleansing bar that works really well – it doesn’t dry the skin out at all and is so easy to use. Great for the shower and travel! I also appreciate that this is a plant based, positive impact and community focused brand.

–Corrine Sultana

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