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Australian Natural Soap Company – Soap Flakes



Introducing 100% natural soap flakes, an eco-friendly alternative for all cleaning needs. These powerful soap flakes are made with plant-based ingredients and are suitable for sensitive skin. They are also zero waste, plastic-free, and grey water friendly.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients. Made from off-cuts of pure plant-based natural soaps. 100% sodium soap and essential oils.
The Australian Natural Soap Company promotes ethical practices and sustainability through their Soap Flakes, which are made from responsibly sourced, CERTIFIED palm oil-free, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients. Waste reduction is a key focus, using off-cuts from natural soap to give new life to materials that would otherwise be discarded. The packaging for Soap Flakes is also biodegradable and recyclable to further reduce the brand's environmental impact. The brand is committed to finding new ways to promote sustainability and believes that every choice has the power to make a difference.
The Australian Natural Soap Company is dedicated to sustainability, sourcing high-quality local ingredients and building close relationships with suppliers. They embrace circularity by using olive oil that is a waste product for farmers, but perfect for soap making. The brand reduces waste at every stage of the production process, including using off-cuts of natural soaps for Soap Flakes and eco-friendly packaging materials. They also educate and inspire their community to make more sustainable choices through their website and social media platforms.
Australian Natural Soap Company is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and society. They donate 3% of each online sale to The Orangutan Project to support the conservation of rainforest-dwelling animals, avoid the use of palm oil, collaborate with First Nations People to use Australian native plants and donate products to vulnerable communities across Australia. Soap is the foundation of good health, and their mission is to provide essential personal care and hygiene products to everyone.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that the soap flakes are derived from natural soap scraps, thereby repurposing a potential waste into a useful product. The flakes form make it easy to use the product for a range of uses in the kitchen (dishes), laundry and around the home.

I’m impressed that the brand supports The Orangutan Project and collaborates with First Nations People to use Australian native plants (albeit not specific for this product).

–Laura Trotta


It smells beautiful and is palm-oil free, manufactured by The ANSC so the supply chain is completely transparent.

The donations and commitment to the Orangutan Project, focus on ingredients and certifications around ingredients makes The ANSC an example of a very good business and brand.

–Julie Mathers


This product works well in both the laundry and kitchen. The product coming in flakes, makes for quick, easy use.

They are competing against some very strong contenders on ethics. I do however, appreciate the role bigger companies like this play in their ability to do more marketing and influence the shift in social norm for consumers to find eco products more appealing

–Amanda Jason

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