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Avalon Swim Co – FSC certified Natural Rubber Children’s Wetsuit



Avalon Wetsuits are environmentally friendly, children’s wetsuits made from sustainable FSC certified natural rubber. With comfort and style in mind, they are planet-friendly and feature wrist and ankle zips for easy dressing. Make a statement while supporting a sustainable future.

Made from excellent materials -FSC certified natural rubber and nylon.
Avalon Swim Co is committed to ethical practices based on core values of Environment First, Enthusiasm, and Equality. The brand maintains transparency in its business practices, uses FSC certified natural rubber, follows small-batch production, and ensures ethical manufacturing by paying staff above award wages and providing a safe and supportive work environment. They also use compostable, plastic-free packaging and prioritise sustainability in every decision they make.
Avalon Swim Co wetsuits use FSC-certified natural rubber from hevea trees, reducing their dependence on non-renewable resources and promoting sustainable forest management. By choosing plant-based rubber over neoprene, they reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% per wetsuit. The brand uses minimal and eco-friendly packaging made from compostable materials and recycled paper hang tags.
Avalon Swim Co aims to make a positive impact on the environment and society. The brand donates 1% of each sale to the Ocean CleanUp project, uses sustainable materials and practices, fosters an inclusive atmosphere, prioritises positive customer experiences, and supports local communities. Their products, initiatives, and core values work together to create a meaningful and lasting impact.

Product reviews from our experts…


The design is really attractive. It’s super high quality (natural rubber) and made impeccably. My daughter loved it so much she wore it on a trip down the street to the shops.

I love that they wanted a more sustainably sourced alternative to the wetsuits they were seeing on the markets – and when they didn’t find it – they made it themselves. Amazing!

–Veronica Milsom


I love how stylish this wetsuit is! The brand has managed to mix aesthetic with usability so perfectly! The material is durable yet super stretchy and the zips are chunky and easy to use, and placed to help with ease of dressing and undressing. I also love the added velcro tabs to cover the zip tabs.

I love that the brand has chosen to use natural rubber over neoprene, they have merged sustainability with practicality and aesthetic so seamlessly.

–Emma Meyer


I’m so impressed by this beautiful wetsuit! I love that it is made using natural rubber instead of neoprene – such a rare sight for kids wetsuits, I didn’t even know it was an option before! The wetsuit fits my 8 year old daughter really well, she adores the print and has stayed toasty on some pretty icy winter swims! Highly recommended.

–Emily Fletcher

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