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Avilla Farm – Australian Macadamia Oil + Kakadu Plum Face Serum


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes Kakadu plum extract and macadamia oil.
For Avilla Farm, ethical practices start on the farm; where they live, farm and operate their business from. Local suppliers, including those with Indigenous community relationships, are used for native ingredient sourcing and production to limit mileage.
Avilla Farm takes a zero-waste approach to the use of their ingredients, where for example the whole macadamia is used; the outer green husk for compost, the hard brown shell for renewable energy and the broken nut pieces are cold-pressed to produce the oil. Glass recyclable bottles are used to house products, and customers are encouraged to refill their bottles.
Avilla Farm often gives to the local community by providing lucky door and raffle prizes for fundraisers. During a harsh drought season, they also donated natural skincare products to farming families in need.

What our experts say...

Wow, it’s true love. Super pretty packaging and a handwritten note goes a long way as you know this was made with love. This has no scent which makes it a great choice for the more sensitive of us. A very beautiful nourishing oil – a little goes a long way. I can almost feel how beautifully fatty this oil is, plus with a big helping of Kakadu plum. This sinks in so beautifully, almost disappearing into the skin, making it a perfect prep for makeup. Such a flawless skin finish. Farm, family-run, local, refills, supporting Indigenous and local communities, using the whole plant – what’s not to love about this product?!

– Amy Hughes

I absolutely adore that this oil-based serum is created using macadamia oil grown and harvested by the founder herself. Combining two of Australia’s greatest ingredients – Kakadu Plum and Macadamia Oil – this serum both nourishes and protects at the same time. The macadamia oil leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft, while the Vitamin C assists with my pigmentation. I love that this brand is family-run and connected to the land. I also love that they offer 500ml refill bottles so as to save on packaging and carbon. A truly wonderful brand.

–Emma Freeman

With combination skin myself, I love using macadamia oil as it is non comedogenic and won’t clog my pores. I also love products with Kakadu plum in them as I find they keep my skin clear. Kakadu plum contains gallic acid which is an anti microbial and also ellagic acid which reduces inflammation. Having fast become one of my favourite serums for evening, this beautiful serum keeps my skin soft, clear and moisturised. I love that the macadamias are grown on the owner’s own farm, the oil made 7 minutes drive from there and the Kakadu plum extract also bought from a local business. Highly recommended.

–Emily Fletcher

This is a lovely serum, although I found it a little oily. I love that Avilla Farm use a high percentage of Kakadu plum in their product.

–Carla-King Turner


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