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Avocado Zinc – SPF 50 Natural Tinted Moisturiser



Introducing the SPF 50 Natural Tinted moisturiser- a vegan 50ml product that offers full coverage, evens complexion, conceals imperfections and suits all skin tones. This 4-in-1 multitasker, functioning as a primer, moisturiser, sunscreen, and skin tint, delivers deep hydration and SPF 50 broad spectrum protection, substituting the requirement for foundation.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including zinc oxide, coconut and avocado oils. SPF 50 +
Avocado Zinc is a Western Australian company that prides itself on using sustainably sourced, plant-based, vegan ingredients that are 100% natural and naturally derived. Their products are designed to be safe for sensitive skin, babies, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and are free from preservatives, fragrances, chemicals and toxins. They aim to blend seamlessly into people's everyday beauty routines for a low-tox lifestyle. The brand is cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and reef safe.
Avocado Zinc packages all of its products using PCR (recycled plastic) tubes that are fully recyclable in order to decrease its environmental impact. Additionally, the brand uses entirely recyclable cardboard shipping boxes and compostable/biodegradable shipping mailers for all orders.
Avocado Zinc regularly donates money to animal refuge causes such as HSI and Little Steps Matter and also donates products to charities as prizes as part of their social responsibility efforts.

Product reviews from our experts…


The addition of the brush in the application of this sunscreen is so clever. That it could assist with the perspective on sunscreen being a standard part of a daily face care routine, pre-makeup is only a great thing. It’s a lovely sheer tint with a delicious glowy, luminous edge, and it doesn’t smell at all like sunscreen (a small thing, but it’s a barrier for some people that prevents daily use, so I am all for anything that could eliminate sunscreen skeptics from becoming daily users- Well Done!

Their policies are thoughtful and well-rounded, with a view on promoting kindness to people, animals and the planet, which as a consumer is so encouraging to see.

–Amy Starr


I love that there are three shade options for this wonderfully nourishing tinted SPF for face. It can easily be used as a foundation and at SPF50, it gives great coverage and protection. I love that it contains avocado oil. I’m also impressed by this brand’s efforts to utilise 100% recyclable packaging and give back to causes.

–Emma Freeman


The colour of this is absolutely perfect! I’ve been reaching for it as a one stop for sun protection and evening out my skin tone. It gives a super glowy finish and feels great on my dry/dehydrated skin.
It’s also great to read that Avocado Zinc uses 100% recycled plastic in their tubes and that they are also recyclable.

–Ash Quinn

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