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Awaken Organics – 3.0 Anti Ageing Prevention Facial Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes rosella extract and organic rosehip, hemp seed and seabuckthorn seed oils.
Awaken Organics is 100% Australian-owned and all products are Australian-made and Ecocert COSMOS Certified. Synthetic chemicals and GMOs are absent from all products, opting instead for natural, organic ingredients. Awaken Organics is also animal cruelty-free.
The Hydrophilic Cellular Extract range is created using rain-harvested water, saving the public supply approximately 1000L/day. Recyclable PE tubes and PP caps have been selected for housing this product. Cardboard boxes and compostable, recyclable bags and sachels are used for all deliveries.
Awaken Organics work with Australian businesses and manufacturers to support local employment. Their Australian native and grown ingredients supplier is committed to corporate and social responsibility, positive environmental practices and the empowerment of growers and Indigenous communities.

What our experts say...

I found myself reaching for this oil over and over again. It was light and non-greasy to use and also smelt really lovely which added to the enjoyment of using it. My skin felt calm, soft and smooth after using it and it worked great both as a part of my nighttime routine and also under makeup in the morning. It’s great that Awaken Organics uses Australian native and grown ingredients that are created using rainwater rather than public supply water. I also appreciate that their products are certified by Ecocert.

– Ash Quinn

This is a really solid all-rounder of an age-fighting serum. Beautiful oils like macadamia, rosehip and hemp make for a regenerative, balancing, hydrating blend – a combo that probably every person could benefit from. I particularly loved the delicate scent of this – orange, lavender, ylang ylang and cedar – I enjoyed using it on the back of my hands when frequent washing and sanitising made them dry and irritated, because the blend of scents was so comforting. Local manufacture and utilising local ingredients is such a plus and certification of this kind is also impressive, especially given the scale of the brand.

–Amy Starr

With a lovely uplifting scent, this nutrient rich oil is absorbed rapidly by my skin. With no residual sheen, this oil is suitable for all skin types. As someone with combination skin myself, I love having a face oil that I can use every day. I also love that this oil is organic and sources so many of its beautiful ingredients from Australia.

–Emily Fletcher

I love how lightweight this face oil is – it is easily absorbed, is non-greasy and can therefore be applied in the morning before day moisturiser and makeup. While hydrating, it doesn’t clog up my skin and cause blackheads like some face oils do. I’m also a big fan of the scent – all thanks to a beautiful blend of nut and seed oils and botanical extracts. I’m quite impressed with Awaken Organics’ efforts to source local ingredients (supporting Indigenous farming where possible) via organic and sustainable farming. I was also happy to discover that the plastic secondary packaging they use is in fact recycled and recyclable.

–Emma Freeman

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