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Axis Toys – in-wood I AM Mandala


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Australian sustainable hardwood - Blackbutt and Blue Gum.
Axis Toys are made in Australia from sustainable Australian hardwood. They are also an owner operated small business run with one employee.
Axis Toys reduce their carbon footprint by using Australian local resources and manufacturing locally as well. Their packaging is designed, printed and produced in Australia. They also use seed paper. In terms of waste material, the sawdust is recycled by being provided to local stables and for packing material by local small businesses. Quality wood offcuts that can't be used for manufacture are sold to other small businesses/hobbyists at wholesale prices.
The original machinery used by Axis Toys was given away consciously to those who needed support/something to fuel their hobby or endeavours. A successful applicant of this campaign included an amputee who wanted to teach his son woodwork. WIRES also receives a percentage of proceeds from two of their Australian themed products.

What our experts say...


This beautiful wooden mandala, made with sustainable Australian timber has become a conversation starter in our house. My kids love placing the circle (representing the centre of the sun) on the dining table and exploring the pieces symbolising different emotions. This is a wonderful tool for emotional regulation (for both kids and adults!). Despite being a small one-person business, 100% is put into being sustainable, ethical and giving back to society – I truly appreciate this as a consumer. Well done!

–Emma Freeman


I love the thought behind this one and how it encourages kids to put their feelings out and express them when it may be otherwise hard to do. It’s one of the most low-waste products you can find. A toy that the parents may even end up using more than the kiddies. I really enjoyed the thoughtfulness behind this product!

–Lee Sutherland


The I AM Mandala is beautifully made with sustainable hardwood and is something that you would keep for the next generation. It’s a great tool to explore emotions with the kids and also mindfulness when creating a mandala. I love the ways that the business aims to reduce or find alternative uses for waste.

–Fiona Morouco

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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