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Nourish is a lightweight bath + body oil, made from natural ingredients, that gently moisturises and deeply hydrates dry or irritated skin. Suitable for babies from birth, it is non-greasy and packed with jojoba oil to nourish the skin. The formula also includes Kakadu plum for anti-inflammatory benefits and mandarin and Roman chamomile for sensitive skin.

Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Includes jojoba, lavender and Roman chamomile oils.
Ethical manufactures its products in Australia using ingredients sourced from both Australia and overseas. They ensure that all their ingredients come from Fair Trade suppliers.
Sustainable's sustainability efforts include repurposing cardboard boxes for postal packaging, using recyclable boxes when repurposing is not possible, using recyclable paper for filler packaging, and offering refills to extend the life of the original packaging. All of their product packaging is also recyclable.
Responsible supports local and global charities and agencies. They are currently partnering with Pretty Foundation and have donated products to St Kilda Mums and displaced Ukrainians.

Product reviews from our experts…


As with the wash, the aesthetics of this collection really are beautiful. They display even better when they’re lined up with other SKUs and I think most baby product brands don’t consider the aesthetics enough (as much as modern parents want them to) so well done on that. This moisturising oil left my baby’s skin so lovely post wash – clean, fresh, but nourished and nurtured too. It’s a delightful way to bathe baby, without any bubbles or lather.

The social responsibility aspect of this brand’s policies is impressive. Having a perspective that is both global and local is really commendable and such a great way to activate and inspire customers in this market.

–Amy Starr


I really love the packaging! It is super cute! A nice light scent that isn’t too strong for little noses, and it isn’t greasy to touch, and doesn’t leave too much residue on the skin or in the bath. I like that the ingredients are clean and easy to read. It is worrying when the ingredients list is too long and hard to understand. Lovely addition of the aromatic oils, in particular lavender as my kids love using it before bed.

I like the fact that their products are manufactured in Australia and their ingredients come from Fair Trade suppliers and I also love that all of their product packaging is also recyclable.

–Samantha Gilmore


I absolutely love the citrusy scent, it is so delicious. Also the oil left both mine and my baby’s skin feeling so soft and hydrated. It also helped to sooth his windburned cheeks.

I love to know that is manufactured in Australia and that all ingredients are from Fair Trade suppliers. It’s also great to know that refills are available.

–Claire Karlson

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