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B Clean Co – Baby Laundry Detergent


SILVER + Editor’s Choice

Introducing a potent, eco-friendly laundry powder capable of eliminating stubborn stains without compromising sensitive skin. This Australian-made product contains locally sourced ingredients, ensuring maximum safety and gentleness for the entire family. This also has a built-in laundry booster.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients.
B Clean Co operates with the guiding principle of using plant and mineral-based ingredients without sacrificing the quality of their products. They do not use harmful chemicals such as SLS, SLES, parabens, phosphates, synthetic fragrances or dyes and optical brighteners and they also ensure that their ingredients are grey water safe and biodegradable. As an Australian-made brand based in Adelaide, B Clean Co aims to promote local employment while maintaining optimal control over their product quality.
B Clean Co offers customers the ability to order in bulk and save money while reducing carbon emissions. The brand also reuses shipping boxes received from suppliers and collects empty boxes from surrounding businesses to further reduce waste. For smaller orders, the brand uses compostable satchels. B Clean Co is working on a new program in which used laundry powder pouches will be returned and repurposed into useful items to further reduce waste. The brand is also searching for a compostable packaging alternative. The RedCycle Recycling Program, which the company's pouches were approved for, has ceased to exist.
B Clean Co has a community-based approach to local business, which includes a strong network of recycling. They donate funds and goods to several local South Australian charities, including the Jodie Lee Foundation, Mum Kind and The Remote Op Shop Project as a part of their social responsibility efforts.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that the laundry powder smell is not overly strong yet it still offers a very fresh scent. The scoop and packaging are easy to open and use. The laundry powder has worked really well on some tough stains. I tested it on my childrens stained clothes with excellent results for a low tox detergent!

I appreciate a company that is always willing to grow and adapt. I see they are trying to make changes to their packing to a compostable package since Red Cycle is no longer available. This is so important to constantly keep up with the time and always challenge themselves to do better. The box repurposing is also excellent!

–Amelia Davatzis


This was a nice laundry powder that would suit very sensitive skin as well. My clothes came up nicely. I am also impressed by the environmentally friendly ingredients and reduced impact on waterways!

–Amanda Jason


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