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B Clean Co – Baby Laundry Detergent


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients.
B Clean Co detergent ingredients are all sourced from premium suppliers within Australia to reduce carbon emissions. All products are made in a local factory only 4km from the Head Office to reduce global footprints. Their products are Vegan Friendly and they have just begun the process of both official Vegan and Not Tested on Animals certifications.
For packaging B Clean Co have sourced a product appropriate, sealable pouch that is 100% RedCycle approved. They also have an innovative optional compostable scoop - made from cornstarch and compostable order satchels are used. They have introduced bulk cartons of 10 to reduce re-shipping for regular customers, emissions and their carbon footprint. Furthermore, all cardboard cases are repurposed into shipping boxes for other brands minimising waste.
B Clean Co sponsors their local football club by supplying them with SPORT detergent for uniform washing. They are also introducing a send-back scheme, so customers can return empty detergent pouches, and the cost of shipping will be reimbursed off their next order. Through this initiative they are able to ensure items are being recycled into the Red Cycle program effectively.

What our experts say...


B Clean Co have created an excellent washing detergent which really works. Clothes are really clean, smell fresh and stains come out. Works well on adult clothes too. I like how they are keeping things local and practical for their users.

–Corrine Sultana


A lovely, gentle laundry detergent that cleans really well and is made with care for the planet as well as those that use it.
I applaud B Clean for their transparency and for doing due diligence (even from start-up phase) in terms of their packaging and working hard to overcome the challenges in this area, to find a packaging solution that is fully recyclable. I was also glad to see their focus on reducing carbon emissions and on using quality non-toxic ingredients.

–Niccii Kugler


This product removed stains effectively and left the garments soft and gentle to touch. I enjoyed that the laundry powder is formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients and that it is gentle for kids and babies. I loved the focus on recyclable and compostable packaging. I enjoyed knowing that the resealable pouch is 100% red cycle approved while looking great in the laundry with its beautiful blue colour packaging. The packaging combined great aesthetics with great environmental initiatives. This is a combo that I greatly value.

–Renee Carpenter

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