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Baby BeeHinds – Magicalls All in Two


Nappy made from: Outer fabric: PUL. Two layers of polyester with TPU. Inner Lining: 100% Polyester Fleece Inserts: 60% Bamboo, 30% Organic, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, 10% Polyester. Fabrics OEKO Tex 100 certified.
Baby BeeHinds fabrics & materials are all OekoTex Standard 100 Certified and GOTS Certified. They only use GOTS certified, biodegradable/low impact dyes. They proudly partner with an Eco Textile Factory in China to produce all their items and have an impressive 18 year relationship with them. This factory is European owned and managed to the highest of standards. They pay 35% higher wages, provide scholarships for education to their long term workers and ensure no child labour in their facilities. Furthermore the factory is now 100% solar powered.
Baby BeeHinds are a zero packaging company for their products, and have been for 18 years. Each customer receives a small postcard QR code which links them to all the product and washing information, plus also an Advice Hub. They use 100% compostable satchels, or recycle boxes from products or suppliers for larger customer shipments. In September, they are launching a new range of Recycled PUL Nappies & Accessories - made from 98% recycled fabrics/materials.
Baby BeeHinds partners with several charities with whom they donate both new and pre-loved product returns for them to use in their community. Any nappies that need repairs are donated to a WA charity for repair work and are then donated to families in need. They supply more than 10 childcare facilities across Australia with reusable nappies in their centres including one centre which uses 100% Baby BeeHinds reusable nappies for their children. They also work closely with local councils and advise them on various Cloth Nappy Incentives.

What our experts say...


This was my first time using a velcro cloth nappy and I loved the ease and simplicity. It stayed in a great fit with no leakage and seemed very comfortable for bubba. Baby BeeHinds relationships with manufacturers and suppliers is wonderful. It is great to know that they go above and beyond to support education and scholarships, making an impact in the local community and creating positive change for the people they work with.

–Courtney Dow


I have been using cloth for years with three children, but I had never used Velcro closures before and now I am converted. I absolutely love the ease of velcro and I also found the fit easy to achieve. I absolutely love that the brand educates councils and encourages them to introduce cloth nappy incentives. I really feel like more people would use cloth if there were more incentives so this is a great initiative.

–Claire Karlson


I think the velcro fastening is a game changer, this is so clever and I would love to see all cloth nappy brands have this as an option. The velcro makes changing a wriggling baby so much easier. These are super easy to put on and comfortable for my son. This is a perfect option for beginner cloth nappy users. I found them very easy to clean, absorbent and had no leaks. When used overnight my sons skin felt dry in the morning. I love that they partner with various charities and send pre-loved goods out to communities in need.

–Samantha Gilmore

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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