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Baby Quoddle – Mini


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Hand blown borosilicate glass bottles with a natural rubber teat.
Baby Quoddle teats are made in Malaysia by an ethical family run and owned business. A major component of their staff are elderly family members that have worked in the business for their entire working lives. The trees harvested for their rubber supply are all managed by the Malaysian rubber board. Furthermore the glass used for their bottles is all hand blown in China by another family run business of craftsmen.
Baby Quoddle bottles are designed to be used for a great many years. Multiple children or babies are able to use the same bottles. The bottles can then be used as water bottles or for food storage, there are many secondary usage options for these products. Baby Quoddle is a no waste company so they reuse parts of their packaging from bottle manufacture within their product packaging. All freighting boxes are also repurposed and biodegradable packing tape is used.
Baby Quoddle worked closely with an engineer to create a beautiful baby bottle that is all natural and free from carcinogens. They endeavour to bring awareness and support to bottle feeding, allergies and childhood illnesses as part of their vision. The bottles are a nursing bottle design to encourage parents to sit and cuddle their baby during feedings.

What our experts say...


I love the glass design of this product, I have never used a glass bottle before. These mini bottles come in a 150ml size. I loved the idea of the interchangeable lid/teat and the colour of the rubber is very natural. I also love everything about what this brand stands for, especially that the bottle was created around the negative stereotype in bottle feeding. I believe that is a great help to provide for parents, (especially first time parents) the confidence in using bottles with their babies.

–Samantha Gilmore


I love that this bottle is glass and of such high quality. It is easy to hold, baby/toddler friendly and also very easy to wash. I found it to be a fantastic design. I love that the brand is bpa and plastic free. I also love that they work with a family owned business and strive for their products to be ethical. All of this aligns with my values.

–Shahrzad Kahrobai


Reinventing an established product like this is no mean feat. This is an innovative bottle – a beautifully crafted little piece of design with the power to improve many little lives. Using it (and cleaning) was so easy. An origin story of wanting to make the best choice for your own baby is such a beautiful concept for a brand. As a mother, I have the utmost respect for what this brand has created. Also the no-waste concept is a brilliant one, and something that I think has real resonance right now.

–Amy Starr

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