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Bam loves Boo – Organic Cotton Backpack



The backpacks are crafted with organic cotton and a recycled nylon interior. The mini can easily hold a drink bottle, spare clothing, teddy, hat, and nappies, while the large size accommodates a lunchbox. Notable features include two side pockets, fully lined interior, padded laptop sleeve and zip pocket, name label and comfortable padded straps.

Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% organic cotton corduroy outer and recycled nylon lining.
Bam Loves Boo requires their manufacturers to comply with SEDEX and hold a valid SMETA certificate to ensure safe and fair working conditions. The brand also uses organic cotton to promote healthier practices and adheres to Oeko-Tex standards to guarantee pieces are chemical-free and non-toxic.
Bam Loves Boo makes backpacks using recycled and compostable materials, with the aim of creating high-quality items that can be worn many times over. The brand uses bulk packaging to avoid plastic waste, and its styles do not follow seasonal trends to encourage slower, more mindful shopping. All designs are gender-neutral to enable items to be passed down regardless of gender. Furthermore the backpacks come with reusable thank you cards designed to be used as nursery prints.
The brand supports local charity Baby Give Back through donation drives, buy one donate one campaigns, and monetary donations. They also created free activity books on topics such as Earth Day, Recycling, and Sustainability to educate younger audiences on social responsibilities and making an impact.

Product reviews from our experts…


As if this is not the cutest bag I’ve ever seen! I love the pattern, the colours and the feel of the fabric. I’m a sucker for corduroy. The adjustable straps are awesome, especially for little kids. The padded straps add extra comfort while wearing. The addition of the drink bottle holders on either side are great, ours were filled with “treasures” while wandering around the farm. The internal zipper compartment is great too. I love the little internal name tag.

I love that the backpacks are made from recycled and compostable materials, great for the environment and I love that they don’t follow seasonal trends to encourage slow, thoughtful purchasing.

–Samantha Gilmore


I love the material and great designs. The ipad/laptop sleeve is really handy. Great for kids of various ages or to use at daycare or school.

Cotton is a tough material to make sustainable and in ESG practices. I was impressed with how they choose suppliers to address such issues.

–Veronica Milsom


This is the only backpack that I have watched my small child be comfortable wearing for longer periods of the day. Other backpacks have thin or uncomfortable straps whereas I feel that I can trust this to be physically supporting her structure while also enabling her to have her things close by. The design feels gender neutral and timeless.

I appreciate the locality and relevance of the give back program to where the business is based and its demographic. The additional educational resources to support the initiatives for children is both thoughtful and practical.

–Montana Lower

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