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Bare Mum – Nipple Balm



A restorative balm with a cooling ceramic applicator that repairs the skin barrier and relieves sore nipples. Its natural non-stick formula is safe for both mum and baby and can be used without wiping off before breastfeeding to avoid cross-contamination. Practical and hygienic.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including organic jojoba, arnica extract and mango butter.
Bare Mum offers 100% vegan and cruelty-free skincare products, formulated with natural ingredients that are selected for their therapeutic properties. The products are hypoallergenic and free from harmful ingredients, making them safe for women with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. The brand tests its products only on volunteer new mothers and all the products are developed and made in Australia using locally sourced natural ingredients. Bare Mum aims to promote environmental and social responsibility and complies with sustainability, ethical production, and quality requirements.
Bare Mum emphasizes sustainability in their products and packaging, with a focus on reuse and eco-friendly and recyclable materials. They strive to make decisions that reduce their ecological footprint and prioritise thoughtful designs, resource-efficient materials and responsible production processes. The brand promotes purchasing products that have been made with care and purpose.
Bare Mum is a member of 1% for the Planet and has committed to donating a percentage of their overall revenue to important causes. They support the mission of 1% for the Planet to increase philanthropic giving to environmental causes and in 2022 they directed their efforts towards supporting Save The Children to protect children from harm and improve their access to education and health services. Additionally, Bare Mum has donated Herbal Infused Postpartum Pads to the Stillbirth Foundation to support bereaved women.

Product reviews from our experts…


I valued the gentle clean ingredients that were used and the smooth application of the product on to the nipple. It was very soothing on the nipple and kept my nipple crack free. As a mother with sensitive skin I appreciated that this product is free from harmful ingredients!

From a social and ethical brand perspective, I felt a high connection to a brand ethos built around empathy and care. From product purpose, the thoughtful packaging, the give back initiatives and the websites ‘our story’ page – the message was consistent and delivered a strong brand purpose around ’empathy and care’ for postpartum women! I especially appreciated the donation of Herbal Infused Postpartum Pads to the Stillbirth Foundation to support bereaved women. It showed thought and empathy towards all journeys of postpartum!

–Renee Carpenter


This was such a clever design!! The applicator felt so nice on tired, sore nipples. I love that it was safe for my baby and didn’t need to be wiped off as multiple times I’d forget to anyway and it removed the concern for my baby!

–Dee Zibara


I actually brought this to the hospital and used it after giving birth. It is a lush thick ointment type balm that is nourishing and helped to heal my cracked nipples. I also used it on my chapped lips! I love the way that it glides out of the applicator and found it incredibly healing!

I love everything about this brand, their ethical values and their social responsibility to create beautiful products to help nurture women through pregnancy, birth and beyond!

–Keira Rumble

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