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Beautifully Authentic – Deluxe Moisturiser Bar



This moisturising bar, when applied to damp skin, nourishes even the driest and most irritated skin. It aids in repairing the skin barrier, regulating oil production, and retaining moisture. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and Omega Fatty Acids, it leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated without greasiness or pore-clogging effects.

Formulated from excellent clean, mostly organic ingredients including Certified organic hemp oil, cocoa and mango butters.
Beautifully Authentic is a brand that has several non-negotiable practices including planting trees for each product sold, being certified palm oil-free, using only vegan and cruelty-free ingredients and packaging products without plastic, glass or tin. The brand sources organic and fair trade ingredients where possible and seeks to reduce water use in its cosmetics. The owner hand-makes all products in South Australia using solar power, locally prints labels to reduce carbon footprint, avoids plastic wherever possible and reuses packaging materials. In the future, the owner aims to employ and empower women coming from difficult situations.
Beautifully Authentic has prioritised sustainability in its operations. The brand uses compostable packaging materials for all products and sources ingredients carefully to minimize environmental impact. The brand also limits its carbon footprint by purchasing only within Australia and aims to work directly with farmers and local communities in the future.
Beautifully Authentic is committed to social responsibility efforts through various practices, including planting trees, advocating for natural and real skin and growing and harvesting homegrown aloe vera for soap and cleansing bars. Additionally, the brand donates to local charities such as sports clubs and food banks and plans to assist families fleeing domestic violence situations as it continues to grow.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love the scent and texture of the Deluxe Moisturiser Bar. Using it does feel deluxe and like I’m nurturing my body. The product isn’t greasy at all and is readily absorbed by my skin.

I’m impressed that Beautifully Authentic has strict standards on their ingredients (e.g., palm oil free, only Australian made), plants a tree for every product sold and even grow their own aloe vera to use in the bars. I commend the brand’s future vision to employ women who have come from difficult backgrounds.

–Laura Trotta


This went on my skin so nice and left it feeling very nourished and soft. I need a good moisturiser on my body everyday and this was beautiful for my skin.

Moisturiser is a hard one when it comes to eliminating plastics as it’s not as readily available in bulk stores or bars. I’m so impressed by the fact that they have created a moisturiser bar which is beautiful for the skin and takes away the need for those nasty plastic bottles. I’m converted!!

–Amanda Jason


I like it’s handmade and made with plastic-free packaging. It’s full of great ingredients. The focus on the supply chain and ingredients is a great focus.

–Julie Mathers

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