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Beautifully Authentic – Opulent Moisturiser Bar



Introducing a highly anti-oxidizing moisturizer suitable for dry, mature, sensitive, and reactive skin types. This powerful formula combats fine lines, repairs environmental damage, and balances oil production, while providing soothing and nourishing effects. Free from harmful additives, it contains only concentrated botanical infused plant oils, butters, and wax. No need for additional oils or serums. Pure skin food.

Formulated with excellent clean, mostly organic ingredients including Certified organic rosehip, avocado and evening primrose oils.
Beautifully Authentic has several non-negotiable practices including planting trees for each product sold, being certified palm oil-free, using only vegan and cruelty-free ingredients and packaging products without plastic, glass or tin. The business sources organic and fair trade ingredients where possible and seeks to reduce water use in its cosmetics. The owner hand-makes all products in South Australia using solar power, locally prints labels to reduce carbon footprint, avoids plastic wherever possible and reuses packaging materials. In the future, the owner aims to employ and empower women coming from difficult situations.
Beautifully Authentic places sustainability at the core of its operations. All packaging, including postal materials, is compostable and ingredients are carefully researched to ensure the least possible environmental harm from farming and processing. The business keeps its carbon footprint small by purchasing within Australia, with a view to working directly with farmers and local farming communities in the future as it expands.
Beautifully Authentic is committed to social responsibility efforts through various practices, including certifying all products as Palm Oil Free, planting trees, advocating for natural and real skin, purchasing Fair Trade and local products, and growing and harvesting homegrown aloe vera for soap and cleansing bars. Additionally, the brand donates to local charities such as sports clubs and food banks and plans to assist families fleeing domestic violence situations as it continues to grow.

Product reviews from our experts…


From the second I opened the compostable box this product was packaged in, the air filled with a dreamy cacao scent. The environmentally friendly packaging houses the most luxurious and deeply nourishing moisturiser bar that leaves your skin hydrated throughout the day or night.

The name says it all – a ‘beautifully authentic’ brand – committed to the planet. I love that the owner hand-makes all the products in South Australia (using solar power) and has a clear vision for additional positive and inspirational practices to be implemented in the future.

–Dominique Scott


A really lovely, easy to use moisturising bar that smells great. It is excellent for all areas of the body, is easily absorbed and leaves your skin feeling soft and creamy.
Planet, people and local focussed.

–Corrine Sultana


I like it’s handmade and made with plastic-free packaging. It’s full of great ingredients.

The focus on the supply chain and ingredients is a great focus.

–Julie Mathers

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