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Beauty Food – Collagen Cookie


Made from excellent ingredients including cashews, almonds, grass-fed collagen and sweetened with organic maple syrup.
Beauty Food aims to create products using quality ingredients made from real food that you can eat every day and feel good about it.
Beauty Food utilises collagen in their cookies, which is otherwise a waste product of animal agriculture (such as beef). Why is collagen a better choice for sustainability? In addition, the brand uses grass-fed collagen (as opposed to grain-fed cows), to ensure additional crops are not needed to be grown to feed the cows. Beauty Food, along with other partners are close to releasing Australia's first organic, grass-fed and regeneratively farmed bovine collagen. The brand emphasises that Regenerative Agriculture is one of the only solutions for reversing global warming by removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it back in the ground.
Beauty Food supports a not for profit organisation called ‘Thankful For Farmers’, which is a collaborative initiative bringing together industries, brands, influencers and consumers in a united effort to raise awareness and generate revenue to support sustainable agriculture and regional communities across Australia.

What our experts say...

The bars are additively delicious – the flavour was amazing. Great, simple ingredients. I loved to learn that their collagen was a product made from Agricultural waste – this seems like a great system to me, especially since they are regenerative Agriculture which is a truly important area to focus on. Supporting our Aussies farmers is hugely important and I love to see the brand’s initiative to work with farming non-for-profits.

– Jade Woodd

For a health biscuit this really is a great product. It has a good berry flavour and crumbly, creamy texture. The brand has excellent supply chain consideration. A great social enterprise. Very impressive.

– Rebecca Sullivan

Creamy, crumbly, filling and with a prominent berry kick, this cookie not only tastes delicious, but has a nutrient packed ingredient list without fillers. With cashews, sustainably sourced Australian grass-fed collagen and real raspberry, these delicious cookies definitely hit the spot for me come 3pm and keep me sated. I really appreciate that Beauty Food sources Australian grass-fed collagen through converting it from cow hide, which is an existing waste product from animal agriculture. I also love how Beauty Food is pioneering the way to source their collagen from organic, regenerative farming in the near future – an Australian first!

– Emily Fletcher

This sweet-berry scented, fudgey textured cookie is a satisfying snack. Each conveniently portioned serve provides you with the recommended collagen intake per day, as well as an impressive amount of cashew based protein. These cookies distinguish themselves from their competitors as they are not laced with commonly seen artificial sweeteners.

– Dominique Scott

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