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Bee Kind Australia – Happy Birthday – Australian Wildflowers 0.5 Gram



Present a purposeful gift! This bee-saving birthday treat is an eco-friendly 100% recycled paper seed packet packed with a blend of Australian wildflowers.

Made from excellent materials.
Bee Kind Australia aims to address the rapid decline in bee populations by offering non-toxic and bee-friendly flower seeds that are free of harmful chemicals and genetically modified organisms. The brand's products are sourced from Australian sustainable businesses and packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Bee Kind Australia has also adopted organic and spray-free growing practices and uses self-made compost to fertilize plants. The brand prioritises its mission to save bees and sustainability over profit and guarantees ethical and child labour-free production.
Bee Kind prioritises sustainability in all aspects of their business, from their 100% recycled paper packaging and natural cellulose film packing tape to their compostable, plastic-free and biodegradable products. They have also developed an innovative solution to wasteful greeting cards at the same price point. The brand grows their flowers sustainably in a spray-free and organic environment to help native bees and other beneficial insects. Bee Kind Australia strives for a zero waste and low emission work environment, using second-hand and recycled plastic office equipment and almost all waste can be recycled or reused. They post through carbon neutral Australia Post and their blog and social media aim to educate and inspire others to be sustainable.
Bee Kind Australia is a new business that aims to educate people about the importance of bees and pollinators, as well as promote environmentally sustainable living. They donate 50% of the proceeds from their breast cancer cards to Australian Breast Cancer Research, as well as support disadvantaged individuals, local charities, Sea Shepherd and the Australasian Institute of Police. While they are not yet carbon neutral, they plan to become so in the future and hope to have an off-grid office space and flower farm within a year. They currently stock their products in three international stores and aspire to expand their cause globally.

Product reviews from our experts…


Wow! What a ‘bee-autiful’ little gift, with a very big positive impact on our planet. Bee Kind Australia creates a wonderful range of post-consumer recycled paper envelopes, filled with various bee feeding flowers and decorated with the most gorgeous designs that are suitable for every occasion you can imagine. As Bee Kind Australia encourages “let’s fill Australia with flowers”.

I am also so impressed by Bee Kind Australia’ inspirational mission to restore Australia’s Bee population. A mission definitely worth supporting! I love that the brand has a beautiful goal to have an off-grid office space and flower farm within a year and is also aiming to be carbon neutral in the future.

–Dominique Scott


A wonderful alternative to traditional cards that are often just thrown away. This is a gift, card and planet helper in one. Our bees need our help – what a great way to inspire people to get involved! I am also impressed that this brand puts sustainability over profit, is spray free and is animal/plant focused!

–Corrine Sultana


They are super cute. And a gift that keeps on giving. I am impressed by the full 360 dedication to sustainability. This company walks the talk.

–Jessica Mcleod

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