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Beetanicals – Bee Relieved Balm


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Including beeswax and honey from the maker's own hives, hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, lemon balm, comfrey, calendula and chickweed.
All Beetanicals products are tested on willing family and friends, never animals. Their products are proudly handmade in Australia, using ingredients from fellow Australian producers and indigenous communities. The beeswax and manuka honey used in products is sourced from their own hives.
Beetanicals use recyclable, eco-friendly packaging including postal satchels. They have a supplier that has direct contact with a number of Australian producers who provide ingredients for their balms, reducing the company's carbon footprint.
They organised a school fundraiser and donated 20% of the profits back into the school. Honey is also donated to a local food shelter for people in need. They also support local sporting groups with product donations and are sponsor’s involved in Rural Women's day, bringing attention to this wonderful initiative.

What our experts say...


The consistency of this balm is very satisfying to use and sits in a nice medium spot between hard enough to keep its form and soft enough to spread evenly! The scent is appealing and carries that beautiful beeswax aroma that is so grounding and calming. Being involved with permaculture design allows me to understand the deep work that goes into creating products from your own land and sourcing local and indigenous suppliers. It’s inspiring seeing this mentioned! Anyone working closely with bees and nature in this way garners my respect.

–Alena Turley


It has been great as an overall balm and has helped me through some breakouts of my dermatitis. The mostly glass packaging is really easy to use and out of all the balms, it is my favourite. I also love how present the honey smell is in the balm. Going local – Need I say more? Actually yes I will, this is a great example of how a company can sell products and increase environmental awareness through education and teaching by example!

–Ria Andriani


It’s a solid, no-nonsense balm that’s gentle enough for even a 3-month old’s skin. It has a classic balm texture, melts into the skin and works really well for very dry skin, sensitive skin and eczema patches. I try to use products with short, non-sensitising ingredients and this one fits the bill. It’s locally produced and has supply chains in the Australian indigenous community, which is great to see!

–Jessica Teas

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