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Beetanicals – Queen and Baby – Gentle Bee Balm


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes Australian olive and avocado oils, with beeswax from the maker's own hives.
All Beetanicals products are tested on willing family and friends, never animals. Their products are proudly handmade in Australia, using ingredients from fellow Australian producers and indigenous communities. The beeswax and manuka honey used in products is sourced from their own hives.
Beetanicals use recyclable, eco-friendly packaging including postal satchels. They have a supplier that has direct contact with a number of Australian producers who provide ingredients for their balms, reducing the company's carbon footprint.
They organised a school fundraiser and donated 20% of the profits back into the school. Honey is also donated to a local food shelter for people in need. They also support local sporting groups with product donations and are sponsor’s involved in Rural Women's day, bringing attention to this wonderful initiative.

What our experts say...


This is a real joy to apply. The firm, meltable formula eliminates mess, which is very handy with babies and also allows for small dosages. Based on my progress with the jar so far, this sized salve is going to last us a long time. I was impressed with the reparative effect, and that I could feel the potency and the quality in the formulation. It left skin soft, soothed and strengthened. I enjoy that this brand has a hyper local focus. A brand who physically “grows” their own ingredients is such an incredible selling point.

–Amy Starr


I loved the texture of this balm by Beetanicals! It simply melts onto the skin like butter and is divine! It’s a thrill to read brand stories like that of Beetanicals, where the business is so heavily involved in community initiatives. I personally love to purchase locally-made produce and personal care products, and will gladly spend more money on such products to further support them.

–Hannah Gay


This is a fantastic all round product, It works so well on absolutely everything from nappy rash to insect bites. The product makes a fantastic lip balm and eye cream too. I think it’s wonderful the causes and communities they support as well.

–Rebecca Sullivan

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