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Being Skincare – Being Belly Oil



Being Belly Oil is a lightweight, nutrient-rich body oil designed to support stretching skin during and after pregnancy. Its botanical formula, including Gotu Kola and omega-rich plant oils, promotes elasticity, increases collagen production and prevents stretch marks. This easily absorbed oil has a light fragrance that uplifts mood without causing nausea, making it an ideal choice for mothers-to-be.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including gotu kola, rosehip, jojoba and sea buckthorn oils.
Being Skincare is a young Australian company that considers sustainability and social conscience integral to every aspect of its business. The brand sources locally and supports ethical local businesses wherever possible, with plans to only source directly from organic and local ethical producers as it grows. Being Skincare continues to learn and evolve, finding better practices and more efficient ways of operating.
Being Skincare prioritises the health and wellbeing of children and the planet by utilizing natural products and minimizing their environmental footprint. They use reusable glass jars, consider the environment at every stage of production and print thank you cards on environmentally responsible paper. Their range of products is created to minimize waste by being multifunctional and reducing the need for multiple skincare items.
Being Skincare has made donations to local organisations impacted by natural disasters and environmental organisations, as well as the rural fire service. The brand also has a larger vision to support mothers throughout motherhood through community resources and charities, which is a close passion for the young company and will be realized in the coming year.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that the product is not too overpowering in regards to smell. It’s easily absorbed and provides long lasting moisture to the skin. The pump action of the bottle is easy to use and the packing and branding are beautiful. The use of sea buckthorn is unique when compared to the other products.

I really resonate with the fact that again, this is Australian made and sources local ingredients, with plans to only source from organic, local, ethical producers (where possible). I appreciate the fact that they give back to their local communities in times of need, thinking global but acting local. This also goes for the creation of multi-use products that eliminate over-production.

–Laura Wells


Being Belly Oil is a beautiful product that feels light yet hydrating to the skin. I love the colour and fragrance that the rosehip gives the oil. This is definitely something I’d reach for daily throughout my pregnancy.

Being also clearly cares deeply for its audience and the environment. I like the quality/sustainable packaging and the product itself is lovely.

–Brittanie Dreghorn


I love the feel of this oil! It’s not too watery, it feels great to massage into your skin and leaves your skin feeling amazing!

I like that it’s good for your skin and they have sourced locally. I also Like that natural ingredients are used and I love seeing businesses like this making donations.

–Crystal Larissa

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