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Benecos – it-pieces Refill Palette


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, Certified COSMOS organic ingredients.
Founded in Germany, Benecos is a certified, resource-conserving organic cosmetics brand. Products are free of GMOs, synthetic chemicals and microbeads and instead opt for essential oils, plant extracts and a cruelty-free approach.
This product is refillable, extending the life of the packaging, and Benecos have also developed an outer packaging envelope made only of paper for it.
Benecos support Plant for the Planet, a local organisation in their hometown Aschaffenburg with planting trees around their city. Benecos also support Viva con Agua in clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene worldwide.

What our experts say...

The range of colours in one palette is beautiful and the tones are earthy and natural. Great to see that Benecos is certified clean, cruelty-free, natural, and very conscious in terms of product quality.

– Neha Hobson

I love that this is a refillable and customisable product. This makes it much more likely that people will create a palette that works for them and will in turn minimise waste. The thing that really stood out to me about this brand was the focus on making affordable cosmetics as I know some of the brands in this space can be expensive and therefore exclude people from making more clean choices when it comes to cosmetics.

–Ash Quinn

I’m a big fan of the refillable aspect of this eyeshadow palette, as well as the beautiful range of earthy tones included in my palette. This eyeshadow is easily applied and blended with a small brush and has great staying power. I love that all cosmetics produced by this company are organic, as well as their efforts to give back to society.

–Emma Freeman

With literally everything I need in one little case, this is the ultimate portable makeup. The colours blend easily, are highly pigmented and the combinations are endless. I love that I can simply purchase refills and personalise it to exactly what I will use, so that I can minimise packaging and continue to reuse the case.

– Emily Fletcher

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