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Billie and Bobbie – All Season Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Outer: 100% Pure Oeko-Tex Certified Linen, Linging: 100% Australian Merino Wool – fully certified to the Responsible Wool Standard.
Billie and Bobbie is an Australian made and owned business, with all products made locally in Melbourne. They have seamstresses who work from home allowing flexibility for families. All Billie and Bobbie products are made using premium 100% natural, ethically grown fibres that are Oeko-tex standard 100 certified. They use certified non-mulesed Merino Wool sourced in Australia, fully certified to the Responsible Wool Standard. Furthermore they support a minimum of 10 other local businesses to produce their range, helping to support Australian jobs.
Billie and Bobbie focus on extending the longevity and life cycle of their products, with a strong emphasis on a buy less, buy better approach for sustainable fashion. They also operate a plastic free supply chain, all print materials and swing tags are recyclable and compostable mailers are used. Wool is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre. Up to 85% of water used is able to be reused, either back through manufacturing or via third party recycled water programs. Billie and Bobbie only produce small quantities to avoid excess stock and reduce landfill and have a repair rather than replace policy where possible.
Billie and Bobbie are proudly 100 % Australian Made products. They are helping to build and strengthen communities locally by supporting other small businesses around them. They have a “re-use and re-cycle” policy at their support office to eliminate waste. Furthermore they are teaming up with Backpacks 4 Vic Kids in an initiative to donate a combination of pre-loved and new sleeping bags and swaddles to those in need. They also supported Sacred Heart Mission assisting in building people’s capacity to participate in community life through product donations.

What our experts say...


I really love the colour of this sleep bag. It feels lightweight and soft but still super warm on the inside. Having a sleeping bag that can grow with your child is a huge plus as you can invest more in one great quality product. The adjustable underarm snaps are another clever idea which I think is great! I LOVE that 100% of their products are made in Australia. Being farmers ourselves I really love seeing businesses support local farmers where they can and understanding the importance of supporting local.

–Samantha Gilmore


At first I was confused at how something so light weight was going to keep my baby warm, but I was so surprised! He can be warm all night in winter without being in a bulky sleeping bag. I also love the extra snaps on the arm holes to make them smaller. Having three kids, I am huge on ‘hand-me-downs’ so I love that Billie and Bobbie encourage this with their products and donate new but also used sleeping bags.

–Claire Karlson


The exceptional quality of the fabrics used in this beautiful sleeping bag are evident from first glance. It looks luxurious and is beautifully made, right here in Australia. Soft and lightweight, yet with a cosy merino lining, this is the perfect summer and transitional season sleeping bag. Absolutely gorgeous!

–Emily Fletcher

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